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Mums the word in October at the garden. They are so every easy to care for (loose sandy soil given the shallow roots) that I tend to ignore them. Yet, they surprise me year after year.
By far the one above is my favorites with its dark/wine red flowers.

This orangey  salmon one starts out ok but then turns a pale orange- almost skin color… not a favorite towards the end.

My husband bought me this mum when we got our first home about 10 years ago. It has been divided a couple of times and lived in two gardens. Always faithful and always bright.

This aster is too big- its been divided three times and is taking over the front garden but I cannot bear to cut it down.

 These I bought for 99 cents at the end of the gardening season a couple of years ago. They are wonderfully bright.

 Oh chrysanthemums when will you show? My husband was at a large electronics show and this large variety was present to show off the booths but then got the boot at the end of the show. My husband rescued it and it measures nearly 3.5 feet tall. I can't wait to see it bloom.
 This aster is next to the bright pink one seen above- as a result it comes out with a hint of pink and then turns white.

 Love this pumpkin color...
 My new favorite- not sure if this even is a mum but its beautiful electric purple seen from miles away!
I pray your fall is filled with tons of gorgeous colors.

Gabli Garden Bio?
So I grew up in a big city. Garden’s were very few and far between in the middle to lower class neighborhoods where I grew up. Yet, I grew up with a couple of people that inspired me with their love for nature and marvelous green thumbs. Grandma and dad. 

Alice's way out: This is still standing after a couple of winters! I am hoping to grow moss around it soon. 
My Grandma Bernardina kept marvelous houseplants in her home. I still remember the tropical Madagscar Palm she kept by her windows in the living room- a plant that lived a long time after she was gone-flagged by a philodendron that hugged her curtain rods. Then there was the bright yellow table in the kitchen. Oh how I loved it! And oh how I miss sitting there to drink coffee (Grandma gave me coffee at the age of 7 stating that it would help my asthma.. truth is I got addicted and everyday after school would run upstairs for a cup of Joe). On this bright yellow table she kept cans of Cafe , Hills Bro and other cans, brimming with wonderful greens: An avocado plant started from seed, philodendron a plenty, some herbs and a variety of different houseplants. I inherited her green thumb- it skipped my Mami- and began gardening when my mother bought me my first prayer plant from a nearby Woolworths (remember those stores?). This plant eventually died- I was 12 and I either overwatered or forgot. But I was bitten by the plant bug. By the time I was 17 I had my own indoor garden. I promise to post pics of the window from my bedroom so you get an idea. I grew kelanchoe, geraniums in every color, sunflowers, prayer plant, thyme, rosemary and so much more on that window. College happened and all I kept was a philodendron in our apartment. Then marriage happened and for the first time in my life I had a small tiny corner in our town home backyard where I could plant (actually I wasn’t supposed to but we all did). It started with a yellow mum that C gave me and I still have 7 years later and got a tad bigger from there but not too big to be detected by the association. 
Our second home had been abandoned for several years and the backyard was a play area for a variety of animals (pigs, raccoons, snakes, cats, dogs you get the picture). My dear C knew how much I wanted to garden at a larger scale and started to work on getting beds laid out for me. I found out soon enough that he was an expert and I still struggle with the fact that he tries to take over the garden. 
We have been trying to grow vegetables in the past few years and have had some luck. My father had a small veggi garden in our big city home where he grew so many tomatoes and peas and beans. I have no clue how he did it because squirrels and rabbit tend to eat all of my veggies. He just planted them and walked away and voila a bounty. Grewing up in PR he knows a thing or two about soil and his expertise is always good to have around. 
Today our garden is still growing and has taken on a theme all by itself- Alice in Wonderland. Seriously, this was not done intentionally... it just came together that way and this makes me smile. 

For some reason I cannot get this pic to rotate even after I do so on my computer's photo program;( Scroll below for an upright view. My husband made this for me after seeing it in one of his manly magazines! 

The Thinking Spot

Ignore the hubby trying to hide a ladder on the side of the shed…geez.

I cannot bear to part with these for I bought the for the princess even before she was born. 

My Mommy's Day present - planted by my little family.
He is late for tea!
I hope you enjoy our pics of our garden adventure. Feel free to use our pics but please do site the source: 

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