Friday, January 31, 2014

On bunnies and tea oh my!

So I am not very disciplined am I? I promised myself to sit and blog on here at least once a month; yet the month will be over today (Happy Chinese New Year by the Way) . Nonetheless, I have been continuing my mission of slowing down and finding a thankful heart.  My daughter helped me with that when she recently found the "Blessed by" frame. Its on our book shelf and we are all cooperating in  finding the many things and people that we are blessed by. When I count my blessings (big, small) I find a truly spoiled daughter of the King.
Here are a few of my blessings.

Blessed by POSOLE. Dear Lord you have indeed given my in-laws a wonderful talent: Cooking. I devour posole. Its a type of Mexican soup with chicken and veggies and goodness. Its perfect for the long, cold,winter the midwest has been in. I cannot think of anyone in our family that does not love this soup.  I don't know how to make this soup but am told time and time again that its super easy. Either way, my in-laws make enough for it to last a while and I don't have to make it;)

Blessed by a bunny that is coming around. With time and patience, our very timid Buttercup is starting to engage with us more. We've had to bribe her with more treats than I would like to admit, but hey its working! She jumps on my crochet basket and makes her little crying noises when she wants attention. A scratch behind the ears and a soft touch to her nose and she binkies delighted with my touch.

Blessed by new crochet projects. We've had lots of babies being born around here these days, but I have taken a break from the baby blankets and started to play with crochet. I wanted a bunny appliqué for my purse, but the crochet patterns I found were too small and not what I wanted. I came up with this pattern and I will put it on here if anyone is interested. Does it look like a bunny leaping?

Blessed by tea. My sisters and I decided to carry on mom's tradition of having tea with the ladies in our family. We have started with sisters only at first (husbands were dragged in too) and despite our distance, hope to meet every 3 months for tea. Inspired by our tea and  after seeing these cute cups online, I decided to try and make one. This one is not perfect and I should have used a smaller hook to ensure no gaps, but its still cute. I made some as Christmas ornaments and will making these for Valentines Day as a pin cushions. 

Finally, I have been blessed with so much snow that there is an abundant supply to go around. Feel free to pick up free snow and disassembled snow men at my place. 

Stay warm, stay safe and count your blessings,Gabli