Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankful Hoorays!

The fine print****I recently found out that folks are using my pics elsewhere… that is awesome..but please ask permission first and link back here..thanks***

The whole point of this blog was to slow down and in the process find a thankful heart, leave a written life behind for my little ones to peak into and to help me heal. I am thankful that I have been able to do just that. But, lately not so much so.
Once we got back from the island, Puerto Rico, life attacked us. At one point my little girl had 4 activities scheduled for the same day! I now know what it means to be a soccer mom… and my kids don't even play soccer!
I am thankful for these few minutes I have to slow down and reflect on summer and fall, on new and old.
1) Thankful for new traditions. After 11 years, my husband has finally made a football fan out of me. Monday night football is a family activity now. I made this ripple in honor of his favorite Chicago Bears. Our little family is now full blown football fans and I wonder what we will do once the season is over.

2) I am thankful for old traditions. My mother crocheted me a white blanket -that I still use- when I was born. It was an honor to create one for my new niece and nephew. My little brother had twins!  This one was created rather quickly and in the process I was able to teach my little girl to create a granny square. Hooray for traditions. 
 3) I am thankful for a core group of women who have taught me the fine art of crochet. Gwen-aka- the Crochet Kween- always has something new and interesting to teach me and her latest book has left me wanting more. Can you believe that little lady crocheting is made out of crochet! She is a Gwen original. Her book is full of fun examples on how crochet is more than just a hobby. My favorite is information on one particular gentleman that crochets. His art is fabulous! But, I won't give it away here. Click on the book link below to take a look and get more information. Hooray for Crochet!
Find out more here
4) I am thankful for perfect fall nites that lend themselves to warm breezes in the sun room and more crochet time. These little bottoms are for the new twins. I had never made garments (I stick to the easier stuff), but really these were super easy and the web is full of free patterns for this stuff. They were easy enough that the light of the moon was enough light to complete them. Hooray for new challenges.
5) I am thankful for a summer that brings about all sorts of gardening goodies that can be used for crochet. This is a twine holder but works perfect for my yarn. Hooray for new uses for old things.

 6) I am thankful for a family vacation---finally. The beauty of the island is unsurpassed. Every time I visit, it feels like the first time. The buildings in the capital city are from the Spanish era but are kept bright with colorful paints. I pray that God continues to hold that little island in the palms of His mighty hands.

Feeling rather spoiled now that I look over these pics. 
How fortunate I am to have a great family, to be able to get away and witness the majesty of the Puerto Rico, to learn from amazing women the traditions of crochet and to be able to pass it on. 
Feeling oh so spoiled and oh so thankful!