Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Ahhh" moments...

Our party desserts. There are addictive swedish fish inside the jello.
The kids got to make their own little  islands in a cup. 
No matter what my day has been, I try to find a "ahh" moment in it daily. I have done this since I was a tween and its just the medicine I need.
 I strongly believe that God talks to us in the ordinary things, and those are my ahh moments. Ahh moments let me know that I am loved, that there is more beauty than not in life, and they let me know that a higher power is at work. No matter what my life is like, God is in control.
Sometimes I find the moment in the cardinals song outside my window, or seeing the wind play with the tree tops on my drive to work, or sometimes the moments are found in odd ways and odd things. Just last week I was having an internal conversation with myself about all of the things I had to accomplish. Ok, maybe not so much a conversation as it was a complaining rant.  I was cleaning our home after a serious impromptu birthday party -right in the middle of our new floor installation. I was wondering when I would have time to get my to do list done and if my house would ever look normal again.  I absentmindedly continued to stuff things into the garbage can and didn't realize that the bag was overstuffed. When I pulled the bag out it exploded on the floor, well at least that's what it looked like.  A large hole on the bottom let everything I had just put in, out. It was my fault, I overstuffed it. I stood there looking at the mess in the middle of my kitchen. Half eaten cakes, pizza, jello, ice-cream, candies, birthday wrappers, toy wrappings, balloons, etc. It looked like a party threw up on the kitchen floor. That's when my ahh moment came…. yes in all of that garbage. I realized that I helped create childhood memories.  And, while perhaps the children that visited us that day will one day move away, grow apart and perhaps forget, I won't. I won't forget the smile and relief on A's face when her friends arrived and the mischievous smirk on G's face when his pals arrived. I won't forget the laughter roaring from the top floor and and the secret smiles and giggles shared between little girls. And, that's what matters. I won't remember the anxiety over having to change the party venue because of bad weather, arguing with the hubster over which pizza place to order from, the anxiety of the jello treats not setting on time or the anxiety that folks will notice that our floor is half carpeted and half wood. I won't remember those things. I will remember my ahh moment in the garbage. I helped create those memories and I will hold fast to them.

Today's ahh moment was in having a serious conversation with my 5 yr old boy about make-up. He was waiting for me in my bathroom and noticed my make-up case and was in awe of the many exciting things in it. He brought them out and asked about them. I don't like to wear makeup and rarely do but because he was interested I showed him what each item did for my face. He listened intently and got really close to my face and said "mom, you look the same". I responded with an "I do?". Then he put his little hand on my face and said "Yeah, you always look pretty mom but that fat little marker makes your lips redder, that's all". Ahhhh. I smiled, wiped the makeup from my face and thanked God for that little man of mine. 

I hope you get time each day for an "ahh" moment. They help you grow and make you smile so be sure to get your daily serving.
When I come to quiet, I find many "Ahh" moments right here at home.