Friday, April 19, 2013

Bunny and Crochet

As you know, I have been spending my free time on the joykiller (treadmill). Can I tell you how strange it fields to be jogging to no where. The kindle and phone help with music. I tend to close my eyes and pretend I am away in nature, walking down a beautiful pathway, on my way to by log cabin lined with all sorts of flowers. Then I open my eyes and stare at a dull wall.. sigh. When a friend ordered one of my flower scarfs, I was thrilled to be able to crochet again. I used to sell them online but with little time on my hands, I have not been able to keep Etsy up. I am hoping to post a pattern here since they are super easy. As a matter of fact, it is the old and well known, Irish Flower pattern that I like to teach at the center to crochet newbies. Its a perfect scarf for spring. This scarf will be auctioned off and the bidding has already started for it without me even completing it. Proceeds will go to a non-for-profit community center where I keep an office.

This is what a finished scarf looks like. Easy. 

Something else is in my head today:
Today I got to go on a date and I am so thrilled about this. The hubster and I agreed that we are most agreeable when we have time for one another. We planned for simply, cheap dates at least once a month. We made March's date and almost forgot April. Because he is in terrible pain (cortisone shot on the elbow will hopefully do the trick) he stayed home. I was able to stay home with him and b/c G and A are in school, we got ourselves to an early movie. After the movie we got up to leave and noticed an elderly couple was sitting not too far from us. She  got up very slowly and was slowly making her way down the long aisle and we patiently walked behind her. I saw how she moved stiffly and it just looked painful. He held her hand to keep her from falling. At the end of the aisle, he put his arm around her and she lowered her head to his chest as he gave us permission to by pass them. I smiled and saw her face. I saw shame- embarrassment. My face went red and hot. Can I tell you horrible I felt? "No". I wanted to say "no, we need to learn to respect and be patient with our seniors. You go right on even if it takes a bit longer. Don't stop and wait for me to pass you by, you go right on leading".

We go by in life at all sorts of speeds, we the makers and movers and shakers. We have no time for hello's and goodbye's. We have things to do and people to see. I stopped today and looked into the face of someone who once was like me. A mover. A shaker. Today, she can barely walk. And, while I don't know her story completely, I saw shame and sadness in those eyes. No. I won't pass you by. Nope, I won't move you out of the way. Its ok if it takes you longer. No one will die if I am a few seconds late. I know you once were a mover and a shaker and today have to take the back seat. But not for me. You see, I know that despite the sadness and shame in those eyes, there is wisdom there. Wisdom that only comes from years of experience. So, I won't ask you to move because I am faster. I will walk by your side, chit chat a bit and see if a smile comes up; because one day I know I will be you. And because in slowing down, I will learn to appreciate life around me a bit more.



  1. Hi Gabli!
    You are the SUPER CROCHET QUEEN! I love your work! That bunny is adorable. I wish I had access to a bunny pet!
    I join you in your boredom with the treadmill. It bores me to death, too. The time goes by so slow, doesn't it?
    Take care, dear one! I'm always happy to read your words and gaze at your pretty photos!

  2. This made me have a sweet and compassionate heart. I don't hear as well as I used to and am afraid with all my saying What did you one will want to talk to me...Thanks for a lovely post. What a cute bunnie. Jaime's Mom Rori's Grandma

    1. Thanks Jamie's mom. Given that you are Jaime's mom and from the great times I have talking to Jaimie I can only infer that you are too interesting to not have anyone want to talk to you too. That cute bunny likes to eat cables so I have to keep an eye on her at all times and give her plenty of other things to chew on.

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