Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Easter

Yay! I saw snowdrops this morning! We've had some flurries but I mean I saw color in my front yard! Yes! Bright yellow sticking up from under the frozen dirt and snow. This makes me happy ;) Usually my daffodils are grown and they open up right on Easter morning. I don't expect that to happen this year and my back yard is looking rather dreary. The snowdrops are a welcomed site. Inside, we are all ready for Easter and hoping that the bounty of color drives those gray skies away.

 Thank you for the snow: It was  tons of fun but now we need sun!

On another note, I have neglected my crochet for the treadmill. Its bitter sweet really. I don't crochet as much because I am on the treadmill reading about crochet on the Kindle. I miss crochet but atleast I know that I am torturing myself for a very good reason: me! I am, however, coming up with an ingenious plan to incorporate crochet into treadmill time without killing myself. It involves hanging a teapot since this will make sure my yarn stays put above me and not underfoot.  Now to convince the hubster.

Wishing you a blessed Easter and remembering that because of His sacrifice I have new life and second chances with time to complain about treadmills. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Simple Birthday

It was my birthday on Feb. 28th. I am 30 for the 7th year in a row! I am seriously thankful for the One who knows the beginning from the end and carries me in between with care. Thank you God for one more year of life. Two years ago I pictured myself blind and in a wheelchair. Today I believe in God's miracles more than ever because I am healthy and happy.

I don't expect much on my birthdays. I am just glad to be alive and not paralyzed or blind. I was the middle child of many many children. At times I was forgotten. Don't get me wrong, my mother and father rock! I love them dearly and they were devoted to us. But because there were so many of us I got used to hearing my mother respond to my appearance with an "Oh my, I forgot you existed". There were a few forgotten birthdays but it was ok with me.  I was the quiet one- always with my nose in a book. If I had a book, I was happy. When you don't make a ton of noise, people tend to forget you are there and reading books is very quiet isn't it? So it is that I learned not to make a fuss about  my birthday but cannot help but make a fuss about those I love. Even after marriage and motherhood, I lay low about it. I have but one rule: I DO NOT work on my birthday. I stay home and do what I want. Nap, read, crochet and of course clean because I am  hopeless in this aspect. But this year, I did work. And it was a very pleasant surprise after the initial heart attack. 

I opened the door to my office and saw something shiny come at me. My heart skipped several beats until I realized that it was a well placed helium balloon and not a deranged person with a knife coming at me. I could read the newspaper heading now "Mental Health Professional Dies on Her 30th for the Seventh Time Birthday Due to a Work Prank".

It took me a couple of minutes before I dared enter my office. On the corner table were happy daisies and other bulb plants, a couple of my favorite mags, a new book to read, a cute flower platter, a wonderful chocolate cupcake cake, Indian bracelets and a bottle of red wine. Chocolate, flowers, wine, books and jewelry! All I needed was yarn and hook and I happen to carry one almost everywhere.  I wanted then and there to just sit by the cozy window, drink wine and read those magazines but I think patients may view it as inappropriate and I am not much of a drinker either (let me point out again that I am not an alcoholic nor are my coworkers. lol).  My coworkers know me all too well and I am very grateful for the work family that God has given me. Somehow the word got out that I was working on my birthday and the calls kept pouring in from patients, colleagues, family and friends. I barely got any work done. I left work with a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. At first I thought it was the tons of chocolate but instead its the feeling you get when someone tells you that you have been instrumental in helping them find their way. I think I shall work on my birthdays from now on ;-). To know that you have helped someone during their darkest days is the best payment I could ever receive. 

The surprise continued at home. The husbter is an amazing man and darn cute too. For my birthday, I asked him to bring the treadmill back into the family room since the mess room makes me sneeze and wheeze (despite all of the cleaning there is something about a mess room that is just … messy).  I was psyched about having dinner with him sans kids over the weekend and getting back on the treadmill. I did not expect anything else. I am a simple one really when it comes to gifts.  Well lets just say that the hubster  gave me another heart attack. I opened a little gift and it was a Kindle charger. I was starting a cold and was clearly running a fever and thought that perhaps this was a mistake or a hallucination. Then I felt it in my hands… my NEW Kindle Fire! Oh yeah!  For a while I have been wanting a tablet but I lack the time and energy to weigh the pros and cons of the many different ones out there. I kept using the excuse that they are way too expensive, difficult to program, that I heart my Macbook pro and the feel of book pages in my fingers. I didn't need a tablet. Well less than a week later and I wonder how I lived my life without it! I can look up a recipe, clip it on my Evernote app and not have to haul my laptop to the kitchen. It slips right into my bag easily so that I can read War and Peace in a very thin version. It links my Mac calendar with my Google and Kindle calendar. I just finished Water for Elephants in 4 days because the text type lets me read in bed without the light or me hiding under covers like many of us do. My neighbor Jaimie came over and helped me a ton with a mini tour of what Kindle can do. I even use if for little G to practice his penmanship and sight words. That dear sweet man somehow got it delivered without my knowledge and had spent the week programming my favorite apps from my Mac onto the Kindle and charging it. How he did it without my finding it, is beyond me! I spent the weekend playing with the Kindle and finishing up a Bill Bryson book. It was weird to have a Kindle next to a "real book" and I felt as if I was being unfaithful to the world of real life books.  I still heart books and will continue to take my little ones to the library to take books out even if I can do it from my kindle. There is something about the feel of books that says warmth and adventure at the same time. My parents owned a bookstore and my love affair with books was born when I was 5 and received my first library card on my birthday. Plus, I have to go back to the library to see if I can find those little crochet ladies again and wiggle my way into their conversation. LOL. 

I am in search of another great book. If you know of one, please let me know. One can never read too many books! 

What a great birthday! Thank you God for these material blessings that make life a little bit more fun and a bit more easier. Thank you for a man that has stood with me when I could not stand. Thank you for a work family that appreciates the talent you have given me. Thank you for giving me the right words at the right time for those that I see in need. Thank you for making this my 30th birthday for the 7th time wonderful. I promise I won't get spoiled and will continue to be an instrument of you honor.