Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time Flies When you Need "Me Time"

I find myself praying for moments of me time. You know those wonderful little fleeting minutes of time where you can do whatever you want to do. I dream of them and what I would do.
I would get a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a book if not my hook and yarn, my warm blanket, sit in my favorite spot by the window, soak in what sun rays we've had lately and read or crochet until I fall into a light nap.  
Or, I would sneak into the family room, light some candles and with the volume and lights low, crochet as I catch up on t.v. The dishes would be done, the laundry put away, the house swept and dusted, every room immaculate, every work detail completed and a pie in the oven for dessert would make the whole house smell yummy. Everyone else would be napping. 
But alas, when I do get those fleeting moments of time, I spend them doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, etc. so that I finally can sit and relax only to find out that it is way past my bed time….sigh. The hubster says to just sit and do it, but I find it hard to relax knowing that there is a pile of laundry waiting to be put away. Housework and responsibilities always win my battle over minutes of me time. I admire, no I envy, him for being able to relax wherever and in whatever state the house is in.
And so, I find myself crocheting as I sit and wait for my daughter to finish her hour of gymnastics. This is what I consider my crochet time right now.  I am glad that my little A likes gymnastics since it gives me a chance to sit and crochet. I hope I didn't  push her into it just so that I could have me time.  I pray she asks for another  round of it when this period is over. 

The other day on a library run my heart skipped a beat as a saw a trail of yarn on the floor. It led me to a quiet little table full of granny squares and WP's. Hooks caught the bright sunlight and danced around the yarn in a pair of old and experienced beautiful hands. A CROCHET group in MY LIBRARY! Whoa!  Three older ladies discussed mercerized yarn enthusiastically as if arguing over politics and crocheted away in between. I got closer, my eyes wide and excited. I stopped at the table and saw beautiful thin yarn shimmering with specks of gold. I  said hello as I held on tightly to the Curvy Girl Crochet Book I was going to check out and swallowed embarrassingly and rather loudly. The three ladies stopped what they were doing, looked at me and asked if they were too loud in a broken English.  I smiled and said no but that I admired their work. They looked at each other lost. They didn't understand me very well but I showed them the book I was about to check out and they understood that I was a fellow "hooker" (yarn hooker that is). They just stared and smiled politely. On the table were what looked like newspapers but with pictures of crochet items and what must have been patterns in their native tongue. But, I didn't want to intrude on their "me time" and the awkward silence coupled with my drooling over the patterns made it clear that they were waiting for me to go away. Obviously these ladies knew a thing or a two or a thousand about crochet and I was a mere newbie passing by. I walked away glancing back to see their hands move swiftly; their heads moving excitedly but never really looking at the project in hand- they worked as if by memory. They picked up their discussion with as much enthusiasm as before. I wanted to tell them that crochet knows no language, that I could use some tips, that I loved crochet too, that I was helping others learn it as a means of therapy. I wanted to ask about the patterns in the newspapers. Where did they come from? Where did they get the shimmery yarn that is rolled differently. So many questions…. But alas,  I was not to be part of their group. I walked away with a bitter sweet feeling. Others were crocheting at my local library but for right now I would not be a part of that group. I would be the lone library crocheter. But for sure I will stalk them again next week if I find some "me time". Now if I could just remember at what time they were there and if it was by the 600's or the 900's.

Note to self:
Remember, its all about slowing down
There is no guilt in me time
If me time is to help you out

It helps you rejuvenate
It helps you to relax
So please take some me time
And don't you hesitate