Friday, January 25, 2013

Cozy apples, spring and chocolate!

Cozy apples : My sweet apple cozy was in my possession for a whole day before it was given a new home in my sister's lunch bag. Because I eat an apple a day- seriously I do- I needed another. I made another with a yarn I disliked. It turned out more like an apple bag thingy. This one was swiped before I even finished it, by my  little girl. Sigh…. At least I am saving apples  from bruises. I have to do another one for myself soon and actually find a pattern to do it properly. 

Spring: Speaking of patterns. Jaime over at More Than I'd Hope For sent me an awesome link for an awesome and super easy and super fast Spring scarf. You can find it at by number 19. I got a bit stuck when it says to repeat rows 2 and 3 as before since repeating it would mean skipping 4 and you don't really skip 4 again just the first time. You'll know what I mean if you decide to make it. The diagram is perfect and very easy to follow. Thanks Jaime and Birgit for this. I love it and don't mind the addiction of making more!

Chocolate: My husband and I celebrate two anniversaries. I was a college student when I was engaged to married and diagnosed with some ovarian problems. I didn't have insurance at the time but needed to get rid of a growing tumor/cyst thing.  We were to be married in September but it was January and  my tumor/cyst thingy wouldn't stop growing. We ended up speeding things up and getting married at the local courthouse. I got insurance, got surgery and kept planning our wedding. We continued to live apart as if still engaged to be married (he in the burbs and I in the city) and really didn't feel married at all until we were married properly in a church. I think it was sweet, patient and simply awesome of him to respect my wishes of staying apart until our church wedding. He is a real gentleman and a handsome one if I may say so. So we have our civil anniversary in January and our "real" anniversary in September. While we don't make a fuss about it, chocolate must be eaten on our January anniversary. I found an awesome chocolate cake at Chow. I added a couple of tablespoons of OJ and teaspoons of orange rind. It was delicious and super easy. You will find it under Nyleve's entry "Stupidly Easy Chocolate Cake". Oh so good. The red thing in the middle is supposed to resemble a rose made from those fruit roll up things kids like (ok, ok, I bought them for myself and not the kids). 

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away
Apple in the morning, Doctor's warning
                              Roast apple at night, 

starves the doctor outright
Eat an apple going to bed, 
knock the doctor on the head
Three each day, seven days a week,  
ruddy apple, ruddy cheek!
I don't know about you but this apple thing doesn't seem to be working. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crochet Granny Square Blanket n More

When the ladies at work decided to make blankets for babies whose mother's are involved in our programs, I was overjoyed. I don't need a reason to crochet but if you give me one then I can explain to my husband all of the yarn around the house. Naturally, I had to make something simple and fast and I fell in love all over again with the granny square.

I also got to finish this little gift for my sister in law. I love the purple plum color on this. At first I attached it with a pin and then decided to sew it on and add a black button to the center. Ever make a gift you don't want to give away? This one was it for me but now I am way too much into my ripple blanket to give in to making one for myself.
I also finished all of my other projects on time (ouch wrists) and I love the look on Uncle P's face when he wears it. I like it so much that I used some cheap black yarn to make myself one too. They actually keep your nose very very warm.

I am hoping to finish this baby soon so that I can continue work on hubster's wave blanket. Hopefully I will be done by next Christmas;)

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you find time to play with yarn and hooks!



Sunday, January 6, 2013

The final days of Christmas: Day 16 to 25 and Epiphany

Whew! Its here finally… Epiphany or Three Kings Day or the Final True 12th Day of Christmas. The Christmas decor is slowly disappearing and the Three Wise Men visited us last night and left goodies for the kiddos. As usual, they made a bit of a mess (you know the camels like to eat my plants and tend to look into things they shouldn't) but they brought what the kiddos needed and some goodies too. I got the new Mumford and Son CD (yay) from the hubster in my stocking (we open these on the 12th day of Christmas- today). And all and all it has been a blessed Christmas with much less uncertainty than last year.

I am excited to see what the new year brings and truly glad that I don't have to come up with more fun ideas for the kiddos to do on a daily basis. Instead, I let them play and do as they want and get some crochet time in too. Right now I am working on a ripple blanket that was started over 6 months ago, pulled apart and re-inspired thanks to Jaime at More Than I'd Hope For. Thanks for the inspiration Jaime! I am glad we are finally getting to know each other after our simple hi and by from last year;-). Its amazing how many great blessings we miss out on because we live life in a rush. We pass the same person by everyday and never say more than a hello. But if we stop and say more, we open a whole new world of laughter and more- especially if that person likes to crochet!

Back to Christmas stuff :As promised to a reader, here are the last of our Christmas activities and I am overjoyed that we got to do so much in such a simple way.
Day 16th: We enjoyed a bit of Christmas cheer as the little children of the local church we visit sang their little hearts out. I was surprised to see my little girl front and center. I couldn't help laughing as I noticed that she didn't know all of the words to the songs but lip sang something and made it seem like she knew what she was doing. Smart girl.
Day 17th: I don't enjoy cleaning and cooking up much on those days when work is a hectic whirl so a picnic downstairs as we watch Prancer was in order to go with our pizza. They were psyched about this since I never let them eat dinner while they watch TV.
Day 18th: When momma is too busy to think of a craft, Little A comes to the rescue with glow in the dark Christmas trees. I am so proud of her!
Day 19th:I am a bit confused as to what we did this day. Did we go and see more holiday lights as demanded? Was this the day that we donated our toys to the local Salvation Army? I learned a lesson: Facebook it or write it down especially during the hectic Christmas season.
Day 20:We baked our first pie together…not bad.
Day 21: Dad is a lot of fun during snowflake making time and I love to see little ones concentrate on their cutting. We filled our sunroom with their lovely snowflakes and it helps to lighten the gray skies we have been under.
Day 22: The receptionist at my chiropractor's office knew I had my hand full as I tried to sit calmly through acupuncture with a 4 and 8 yr old by my side. She was so sweet and kept them busy and calm. Then she gave them a  little Christmas wreath activity to do at home "so that mommy can have some mommy time".  I appreciate it when another mom can read the tired look on your face and does something to help you out. I call it the secret language of moms.
Day 23: Casa de Luz. We enjoyed a great Christmas play and service via Casa de Luz, the Spanish Willow Creek church near our town.
Day 24: Posole! Soup if you can call it that. The posole was made at my mother in laws house where we open presents at midnight. We played games and sang songs. The best gift I received was singing "Baby its Cold Outside" with my husband who has a wonderful voice but refuses to sing loudly.

Day 25 came and went slowly. In the past it was always a whirlwind of activity. But this year, I decided against large dinner parties and simply let guest drop in. We enjoyed the company of those closest to us and in the end it was a wonderful silent night. I am still overwhelmed and my chest has that filled up with love feeling for the wonderful Christmas we had- not because of the gifts or the food but because of the love we all share. And, it has been all made possible through the birth of the Babe. Thank you Jesus!