Monday, December 10, 2012

The First 10 Days of Christmas

Dear Lord it has been busy around here and I need a nap. I still need to finish about 6 crochet projects and those crazy beard hats have taken off at work so the orders are coming in. I make them with the fu-manchu mustache or with the evil curled mustache and folks like them.  I think I will add a goatee to one or two just to see. I also have a ton of baking to do for our annual gluttons calorie intake, I mean our annual cookie exchange at work. I tend to stick to the same cookies every year; but this year I have been blessed with a great neighbor who knows her cookies!  Jaime over at More Than I'd Hope For is a great baker and has given me a great recipe to make.
I also have been making  All Bran Bread for a couple of years now for this event. Its a great and simple recipe that lends itself to some tinkering. I may have to try it with pumpkin instead of banana. If you make it, try it with cream cheese and jam… yumm.
Despite the busyness and the endless balls of yarn I still have to attack, I have been taking time out for my family. Last year was very difficult and I "missed" Christmas. I didn't get to sit by the tree and read the Birth of Christ from the bible to the kids; We didn't get to go see Santa; I didn't get to see A Christmas Story with my hubby; I didn't get to go shopping with the kiddos for dad's gift and so many more traditions that we missed. This year I have claimed them all back and have started with our 25 days of Christmas regardless of how tired we are.

Day 1: Breakfast and hot coco at our favorite "go to only on special occasions" restaurant and salt dough ornaments.
Day 2: Wheaton Gospel choir event at our church: great music that makes any Scrooge get into the Christmas spirit.
Day 3: The yearly ornament buy. Amazing how it takes Little G two seconds to make up his mind yet 2 hours for Little A to decide.
Day 4: Red and White Paper Orbs - this is a great idea I got from How About Orange but I can't seem to find the tutorial. If you find it and decide to make it, use the larger strips. This is not an easy one for preschoolers.
Day 5: Awana Christmas Evening: To hear our daughter sing a song that has been very difficult for me to hear at Christmastime and to not cry when I heard it sung, was rather satisfying. I never post pics of our little ones, but I cannot help myself. We all think our children are beautiful and indeed they are. They are true gifts from God that, as one pal puts it, we get to unwrap every morning. So I had to post one of my beautiful mini-me singing sweetly.
Dec 6:  Recycled art: I got inspired while driving home and sipping the last of my water. Well actually, I felt guilty and felt that I needed to make something with those little bottles that take forever to break down. Although we recycle them, yes I still feel guilty. We made a sort of ship in a bottle/ globe art thingy with them. But no ship- just a dino and moose.
Dec 7: Recycled CD ornaments for our backyard trees: Another inspiration I got as I cleaned the computer area.
Dec 8: Kris Kringle time! One of  my sister's introduced me to the idea of Kris Kringles as a teen and I love the idea. So for our kids, we got them a snapping ball thingy that they must share. Except that the hubster ended up using it most of the time. I did have a blast seeing them play outside in the cold.
Dec 9: Family movie night at our church in our PJ's: One big cozy and loud event;)
Dec 10: Write a letter/Christmas card to a soldier. Some of these ideas are a miss with our kids. My 4 yr old didn't want to do it because he said he didn't personally know the soldier. I think we just did a horrible job at explaining it to him.

So 15 more ideas needed. 
I come up with our Christmas ideas as I go (usually out of guilt about how much garbage we generate) or I steal, I mean borrow the inspirations, from friends and family members and the internet of course. I hope I can come up with 15 more. If you have one, please share it. I may have to resort to baking 15 different types of cookies which wouldn't be a bad idea.

Hope your Christmas Days are awesome!


  1. Hi Gabli! I'm glad you are into the SPIRIT of Christmas! My daughter-in-law is doing something similar. You can see some of her ideas at
    Happy Advent!

  2. Thank you for sharing POM POM! Those kiddos are too cute!

  3. Hi Gabli. I'm so glad you are doing this with your mainly this year... There is o price for the memories you'll build together. Life is just s precious enjoy every second. Happy Holidays to you and our family.

  4. I love all the fun things you are getting to do with your family and all the memories you are making! I am so glad that you are healthy and able to share in these experiences this year! And I am super thankful that you have shared your love of crocheting with me! As far as other ideas, we are making Christmas cards for the teachers tonight, we will be driving around looking at Christmas lights one night, we are going to try to go downtown this weekend and see the free zoo lights at Lincoln Park, having a picnic in the family room and watch Frosty the Snowman, we're making cookies and delivering them to the fire station, and we also have dessert before dinner coming up :)

  5. Jaime you are a genius! I love the idea of taking cookies to the station! And, yes we are trying to do the holiday lights too but we'll see how temperaments are before we go. We also do the ride around town to look at the lights. I found some pretty great houses in the town next to ours. I am most definitely stealing more of your ideas. TaciStudio I could not have said it best, memories are indeed priceless.


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