Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So much for slowing down...

I do this to myself every year. I promise myself and the hubster that I will slow down at Christmas and enjoy it to the fullest. I promise myself that I will sit and watch movies with the family; that I will send out the Christmas cards on time; that I will be done with all of my crochet gifts by October; that I will not take anymore orders. Yet, here I am, 15 days before the big day and I am bombarded.
I am committing myself publicly to be at least halfway done with this list by the end of the week (NO procrastinating):

  1. I still have 3  scarves to finish 
  2. 3 more beard hats to finish (completed 6)
  3. 1 more adult owl hat to finish
  4. 2 lace scarves to finish 
  5. finish baking for  our annual cookie exchange at work
  6. help out at Little A's school club party
  7. speak at a women's event on the 13th- OMG that's tomorrow!
  8. do something about the forest that are my eyebrows- this should scare folks tomorrow
  9. buy the hubsters gifts (this is bad- very bad- I am way behind)
  10. buy little G Optimus Prime and Bulkhead toys (oh the names!)
  11. attend two Christmas parties that I'd rather skip but must go to
  12. make flautas for little G's potluck singalong at his preschool
  13. keep my dentist appointment and physical therapy appts
  14. mail the Christmas cards
  15. call dad and brother for their birthday
  16. finish moving my office (yay I got a bigger office with an awesome window!)
  17. get to the zoo lights and other 25 Days of Christmas events…..all by Saturday or bust!!! 
  18. And for the love of mercy, Gabli make sure you can sit down and catch up on some Alaska: the Last Frontier and Parenthood while sipping tea…sigh.

The house smells divine, of baked goods
Everyone but mom is asleep
All is quiet and calm as it should
But I must hurry and bake more sweets


  1. Can you crochet me some eyelashes just like yours?
    (Jaime's Mom)

  2. Can you crochet me some eyelashes just like yours?
    Jaime's Mom

  3. @Baba HooHoo…you made my day with that comment. But you know long eyelashes come with a prize… a little mustache that must be exterminated monthly. LOL. Thanks for the comment Jaime's Mom.

  4. I too am blessed with a moustachio and beard...guess I got in the wrong line for eyelashes.

    1. Just got mine waxed today..oh the pain. And everyone I know always seems surprised when I say I have to wax. Maybe we are the only ones who see these things and the rest of the world sees us as the gorgeous creatures God made us;)

  5. You are both gorgeous creatures! And Gabli, how are you not curled up in the corner in the fetal position wailing because of all the things you have to do???? You are amazing!


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