Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

If you know me, you know I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I get as excited as a child for Christmas activities, decor, Christmas music, snow and anything Christmas.  I am especially psyched this year because last year was difficult for me having to shuffle around and needing help to move at times.  Although I am sore and a btt stiff as I write this, I am much better than last year and this gives me lots of reasons to celebrate the Birth of the Messiah! We already started our 25 days of Christmas- our version of the Advent calendar. We don't write these down before hand because really we make them up as we go or we always have an emergency and end up canceling something and doing two things at once. But at the end of the 25 days, we put all of our pics in a scrapbook that I hope to share with you after Christmas (if I remember).

I married Mr. Griswald himself and I love it!!! It was his idea to change the tree color scheme every year. This year we are going with my favorite, reds and gold. He went out and got red and white holly lights just for me;). The house is cozy and ready for Christmas. The weather is not so cozy. Why is it 65 degrees in December?
Every year he goes high up on the rooftop to cover the house in lights. This year, I told him "tomalo suave" (to take it easy). Most of our lights (expensive as they were) are dead. In lieu of that we are mixing it up outside. We always go either colorful or all white (I prefer all white). This year its a giant mix of colors and I don't mind.

Inside, the kiddos have been busy making salt dough ornaments :

I subjected my poor kids and some friends to a scary Christmas puppet show as one of our Christmas activities. The kids actually didn't mind it but I could not stop my nervous laughter when I saw the face of some of those puppets. They are creepy looking:

                                     Family members are getting lots of crochet from me and handmade gifts from fellow crafters. Here is one I have been working on. Again, I didn't use a pattern and I wish I had.
I am off to finish my crochet as I get flooded with sweet memories of my dear grandma at this time of the year. I miss you abuela and I know that one day I will see you again. Meanwhile, I will Sing Praise Adonai here on Earth as you do in heaven while I get ready for Christmas:
...Praise Adonai 
From the rising of the sun 
'Til the end of every day 
Praise Adonai 
All the nations of the earth 
All the angels and the saints 
Sing Praise  (Paul Baloche)



  1. Happy Christmas, Gabli! I sense your sweet excitement!
    I like the beard hat! Funny!

  2. I love your tree and my kids loved the mix of lights on your house--they said ours was boring :) And I am having nightmares from the puppets! But the kids were completely enamored by them, so I'd call it a success! I'd love the recipe for your ornaments! That's a great idea! I think you and I are kindred spirits--I love that you do 25 days of fun too (and I have to use post-its so I can switch activities if need be because life happens to me too!) And that beard hat is awesome!! I think that could be a best seller!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season! Have fun making all our presents. That is whatim trying to do now !

  4. Thank you Ladies! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season too and get to finish all of your projects on time as we race to the finish;) Jaime, post it notes… great idea… easy to change. I should have thought of that. Yesterday's activity was a dollar store craft- lame but it got something done;) The kiddos thought the puppets were, get this, cute!


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