Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exhausted Chaos!

Dear Lord this woman is tired! But good tired. I think.
A few weeks ago, there was calm and time to pick fall flowers to brighten my home.
Then the planning started for annual artisan's market and our first bake sale at work.   I work for a Hospital but collaborate with a non-for-profit community center that simply stated ROCKS! Funds raised go to our women's empowerment program that also simply stated, ROCKS!

I try to not be a one man show, but because we don't have a ton of staff and everyone is super busy, I tend to do a one man show thing. Thankfully, there are always angels that show up and I can say stuff like "Can your price these as you see fit?", and it gets done;) I heart independent thinking people.

 So of course I had to crochet stuff and make stuff. 

First I had to make a banner of some sort. It amazes me the things I can do with Microsoft Word. I have designed logos, etc. on it with success. 
I also need more bunting, more bunting, more bunting for our tables. Bunting is as addictive as hat making. From mad hatter to mad bunter (if that is even a word)! 
 OK, maybe we didn't need more stars… but I couldn't help myself. 
This one just makes me happy… its made from left over yarn and each yarn tells a story (the first hat I made, the first hat for Little A in a certain stitch…pieces of information that are taking up valuable retail space in my head).

On to the crochet…

I made a few infinity scarves that became the hit at the artisan's market. I wish I had made more. I like how you can wrap them around twice for thicker warmth.

 On to the baking…

Little pumpkin spice cakes in a bundt pumpkin shape with melted frosty goodness= little snow topped mountains. My baking sheet also died this day..sniff

While I absolutely enjoyed the goodness at the market and meeting the Happy Walrus guru that makes awesome hats, smelling Desperate Soapwife's awesome soaps, creating, organizing and the heavy lifting associated with putting together a bake sale and artisan market….

… it has tired me out!  

Not to mention that there are pieces of yarn everywhere, the family had to order pizza for dinner (there goes our budget), I drank pop to stay awake (tsk tsk), my hands are killing me from crocheting to fast, I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve near my neck while hauling tables, my throat hurts from talking so much, 
there are baking goods still out and my dinning room table looks like 
a craft army threw up on it. 

But alas, I have been busy,
and busy is good,
For if I am not busy,
I'd be cranky and quite rude.

But alas I am tired,
and tired is also good,
I've been highly inspired,
And it puts me in a good mood.

And at last I'll fall asleep
And my bed is oh so good
Thanking God, since this sheep
Has been able to do some good.
by Gabli


  1. Sooo very cute...every one of the pieces you made, all the other artistic things you got together and your very big heart to make such a great thing and gesture... And to end it cute, cute poem. I just love it! God blesses you for all you do :)

  2. I am learning so much about you, from your blog!! You are so crafty, and creative, incredibly kind hearted, and talented!! I love the tags, and signs, and flags!! On top of your crocheting! And all of it going to such a great cause. (and love the poem too! It's totally true). They are blessed to have you on their staff!

  3. Thanks Jaime. Hard work for a good cause is always so rewarding. Can't wait to see your scarf.


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