Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins N' Stars N' Pancakes Oh My!

Viva la Pumpkin! Everything is going pumpkin around here. From pancakes, to coffee to breads and sweets. I do love this time of year and am not sure if its because of the pumpkins or the leaves all over the place. My favorite: pumpkin pancakes. I just add pumpkin spice to the mix then sauté apples, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar and a wee bit of water. I pour this over the pancakes and its deliciousness. 

Although we really aren't into Halloween around here, we do like to get creative with our pumpkins. Our little girl knew from the start what she wanted: LOTS of colors and beads and bedazzled the pumpkin. Of course, mom and dad were the ones getting burned with the glue gun. But, she did direct the whole thing and was picky about what charm or bead went where. We like to play I-Spy with it so we call it the I Spy Pumpkin. Our little boy kept it simple. Thank God! Just some stars and moons. 

Now for stars:

A coworker is having a little baby girl soon. We are hoping for the name "Samantha". We have been praying for "Sam" for a while due to previous complications and losses. This pregnancy has not been easy at all. She was having the exact same symptoms as with the previous pregnancy and all of the fears, worries and yes depression came back. Thank God that she has been able to pull through it. I helped the only way I could: encouraging , listening (listening is very very underrated and it happens to be the best form of therapy- hey if God uses this method, why shouldn't we?), and with a little crochet. Because she is on bed rest, its important to help her keep busy. I am amazed at the strength of friends who gather around to help her with her two little ones and keep her busy! Women ROCK!  Anyhoo, I taught her how to crochet and gave her tips over the phone when she got stuck. She wanted to crochet a bunting or swag for Sam's room (I really hope they give her that name), but having two small ones, a household to care for and lots of pelvic pain is keeping her from being able to accomplish this and finish a granny square blanket for her baby at the same time. So, last night while I watched the Bears defeat the Panthers (Da Bears!), I went to it and in less than an hour- I think about 30 minutes, I made giant stars. You can find the pattern here at the Royal Sisters.  There are many variations on this pattern and I personally prefer to turn the work than slip stitching into the same opening as directed. Its an easy star to make and perfect for Christmas too! I then starched it using a very elaborate and complicated and expensive method. Ha!

 When I started this blog, I had 3 choices at the name
1) Gabli Musing
2) I don't know what I am doing
3) Ghetto crafting.
Ghetto crafting may be appropriate for this. Ghetto crafting - and I do not feel guilty saying ghetto crafting b/c I grew up in some very shady parts of the big city- is all about using what you have and in the fastest, easiest way possible.

-If you must leave your home to get an item for the project, you are NOT ghetto crafting. If you are using top of the line materials you are NOT ghetto crafting. Its all about exploring your home for what you need, inventing and saving mula. Its about doing your project right now instead of waiting till you have all the right materials at hand.

OK, so for the starching or rather stiffening of the stars I used equal parts white glue and water. I mixed them well and then brushed them on because I didn't have a spray bottle at hand. Its the same mix for mod-podge. I pinned my stars to a box I found in the mess room, brushed the mixture on and went to bed. This morning they are nice and stiff on one side and soft on the other. I won't do both side because its not needed.

They look adorable in my eyes and I hope Sam approves. More importantly, Sam's mom is a star in my book. She is always smiling despite the downs life has taken. She is a fighter, a community activist, passionate about her profession and always willing to give someone a hand. I am fortunate to know her.  I pray that she has strength for the delivery, delivers a healthy happy Sam and that this hat fits at some point because I didn't use a pattern….again.

NOTE 2: 
I used a cardboard box to pin my stars so of course they were glued on. That's another component of ghetto crafting: dealing with the side effects of not having all of your materials at hand and then getting frustrated about it as if its not your fault. 
But, the stars did come up easily and no cardboard was glued on. Those that I didn't pin all the way to the bottom didn't have this problem. Next time I will use an old empty frame I have. I'm sure the glue won't stick so well to glass, right? Yet another component of ghetto crafting---taking chances. 

I hope you are :
-enjoying something pumpkin 
-taking chances with your crafting
-seeing stars but not because you passed out but because there are awesome people in your life 


  1. Great the styles. Yes we will enjoy some chili and gingerbread desert tomorrow. Our kids are now teens so they might just spend time with friends, but not trick or treating anymore. This is the first year we are staying home, so I'm going to enjoy seeing all the neighborhood kids:)
    Praying for your friend and for a safe rest of her pregnancy ( I also was in bed rest for the whole pregnancy with my son and he was 2 months premature. He is now 14 and a strong healthy young the sacrifice of staying in bed is all worth it. I'll be praying for her :) I'm glad you thought her how to crochet ... What's wonderful distraction :)

  2. I will be praying for your friend and baby Sam! As someone who has experienced loss and difficult pregnancies, having a listening friend is priceless! I love your definition of "ghetto crafting" Based on the definition, can I say that I "ghetto cook" a lot? :) The stars are beautiful--I can't wait to learn how to crochet! (Oh and I think Abi's pumpkin is totally my kind of pumpkin!)


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