Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mad hatter at it again

The mad hatter is at it again. I cannot help myself. I have too much yarn and I must get rid of it so why not make hats?

I like working with this thick yarn. Hats are finished rather quickly.
NOTE: Before you scroll below you should know that I don't ever wear make-up (ok last time was on Christmas 2011) - you've been warned.

Flower power...

 I love the bright green color of this one. I got used to the thick yarn I have been working with this past month and wanted to get that feel in this hat. So, I doubled the yarn. It didn't feel/look the same, but it does have a look all its own.

Oh freckles, freckles everywhere and no makeup or Clinque.LOL

Hope the fall weather by you is cool enough that you must wear a lovely hat…


  1. I love all your hats! What a great way to use up all your yarn!! A great idea! I would kill for eyelashes like that...you look just fine without makeup. Now some of us...like me, have to wear makeup so I won't scare anyone..LOL! Shari

    1. Oh I wish I knew how to apply makeup without looking like a Halloween reject or breaking out like a 13 yr old-now that is scary! lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks . Hey I finally added you correctly to my blog roll!

  3. Gabli, all your hats are stunning! You are so fast!


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