Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transitioning into Fall and Cowl Pattern

-Without a doubt, despite being an avid gardener,
Autumn is my amor… my favorite time of the year.  At work I host an annual Fall Artisan's Market and Bake Sale where proceeds go to a non - for - profit organization that empower ALL people in ALL sorts of areas. With that in mind, I have been busy….
- Making cowls in all sorts of colors for the market and for me. These are easy to make with a large hook and thick yarn.

PATTERN for simple cowl: Easy

-crochet a chain a length that would fit comfortably under your neck once completed (not tight but nice and loose). This is the vertical length of the cowl so you don't want it too short or too long. For thick yarn used here, I chained 34 plus three for the starter chain. The "plus three" is the first dc for the starter chain and throughout.
-dc in each of the chain spaces across, chain one and turn
-sc across across, ch3 (this is the first dc for the next row).

-dc in each of the chain spaces across, chain one and turn
- continue the dc and sc alternating rows until you get the width you desire (not too tight and should fit right over your head - and not too loose that it lets the cold in). 
-to attach ends you can slip stitch the ends together for a nice chain vertically or whip stitch to attach…. 
-enjoy and show it off.
These work up so quickly w. thick yarn or you can double or triple the yarn you have for a very cool looking cowl. I make one of these in one episode of "Once Upon a Time" (my latest addiction). 
-Also ignore the freckles in the pictures below… they are my "God given dots" as my eight year old princess puts it. 

What else am I up to in an effort to transition into Autumn….

-Picking the last tomatillos of the season to make a hot salsa verde

- Enjoying long walks near the creek

- Enjoying the beauty and dedication of pow wows in the area

- Picking the last Rose of the Season & mums from the garden

I find it amazing that this rose starts out bright yellow and ends up pale creamy white with freckles…. just like mine;)

Hope you transitioning is going well.
Fall is the perfect time for change and so my prayer is that God changes me as well as the leaves change. That my heart be transformed into one that does good in this world and leaves behind a legacy of peace.

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  1. Pretty cowl. Hope your bake sale goes well!

  2. What a beautiful post, Gabli! Your cowl is super duper cute!
    I love fall, too. The leaves are gorgeous right now.

  3. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful images!


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