Monday, September 24, 2012

Tam hat and avocados

Sometimes I feel like I have lived a year in a week . . .
In one week …
--I made three hats and three cowls (I need to post the pics soon).
--I figured out how to make the slouchy hat/tam hat that I saw in "Life as We Know It" (a cute romantic comedy about accidental parenthood). 
--I bought a new car (a bitter sweet event- I expect my cars to last forever but this is my first unused new car with seat warmers)
--I gave up on the crocodile crochet stitch (argh!)
--I broke a toe on my left foot
--My parents sent me avocados from their tree in Puerto Rico (creamy and sweet and this is news given that my mother has a black thumb)
 --I realized that my little girl is faking being asleep when we put her to bed. I now wake up to reminder notes in all sorts of ways… these are attached to a string of all of her ribbons and belts and they led me to the kitchen where  a tiny note reminded me to make blueberry pancakes, not regular pancakes, for breakfast.

-- And this week I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I have no idea how it got to 10 years! It still feels like the first year as I still enjoy discovering things about my husband. Here is to 10 more…


Thank you God for 10 years. Thank you for the patience you give my husband to deal with me; for the great blessings and the suffering that has only made us stronger; for supplying when we thought we had nothing; for a family full of love and abundance and for ten of the best years of my life. Thank you God! You rock! 


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  1. Happy anniversary!
    How cute that your daughter thought of such a creative way to ask for blueberry pancakes!
    Your crochet is ALWAYS lovely, Gabli!


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