Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slouchy Hat and School Starts

Someone sent me a facebook message on the first day of school for our school district .  "Happy Mother's Day" it read. For the many hardworking stay at home moms, I guess this is their day.
Overheard in the playground at my kids school:
"I went and had a mani and pedi- finally"
"I finally got to finish reading my book"
"I got to so some crafting and am excited that I will now have the time to finish the projects I started".
I sighed.  When you work in the home and out of the home, time is not your friend. I have to do everything that I could normally do during a day at home, on the weekends or catch up with it little by little during the week. The weekend is a whirlwind of mommy going nuts try to clean, catch up with mail, catch up with my Etsy shop, catch up with the gardening, catch up with family, go grocery shopping and everything else that goes with managing a home. But I cannot complain. Nearly a year ago, I could not move and today I have enough work to keep me moving. Hallelujah for that!

Of course all of this work does not stop me from crochetting. Oh no! This morning after kissing the hubby goodbye at 5 am, I decided to try my hand at a slouchy hat. Yes, I crochet at 5 am. They are basically berets but longer (more rows). In a little over an hour , I had this blue slouchy hat done. Because I crochet out of the top of my head, I didn't measure and didn't have a pattern. The last rows are a simple sc in the front loop and gives it a nice finish. But this would be perfect for a teenagers head. Hey, its my first slouchy. I do want another one - a longer one- and as a matter of fact, I will start on that right now.

Wishing your little ones a great school year & wishing you peaceful time at home to do a bit               of crocheting, reading or whatever makes your          heart leap.


  1. Love the slouchy hat, pretty color too. Thanks for your visit and comment to Bridge and Beyond. I don't know of a similar mission/charity etc in Illinois, but would indeed love you to join us. If you had a chance to look around much on the blog...you've seen folks from many locals help the homeless here in Ohio. Crafters are such caring people.

  2. Hi Gabli!
    Wow! You are a fast crocheter! I like your hat! What a pretty color!
    You sound busy and busy isn't all bad.


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