Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transitioning into Fall and Cowl Pattern

-Without a doubt, despite being an avid gardener,
Autumn is my amor… my favorite time of the year.  At work I host an annual Fall Artisan's Market and Bake Sale where proceeds go to a non - for - profit organization that empower ALL people in ALL sorts of areas. With that in mind, I have been busy….
- Making cowls in all sorts of colors for the market and for me. These are easy to make with a large hook and thick yarn.

PATTERN for simple cowl: Easy

-crochet a chain a length that would fit comfortably under your neck once completed (not tight but nice and loose). This is the vertical length of the cowl so you don't want it too short or too long. For thick yarn used here, I chained 34 plus three for the starter chain. The "plus three" is the first dc for the starter chain and throughout.
-dc in each of the chain spaces across, chain one and turn
-sc across across, ch3 (this is the first dc for the next row).

-dc in each of the chain spaces across, chain one and turn
- continue the dc and sc alternating rows until you get the width you desire (not too tight and should fit right over your head - and not too loose that it lets the cold in). 
-to attach ends you can slip stitch the ends together for a nice chain vertically or whip stitch to attach…. 
-enjoy and show it off.
These work up so quickly w. thick yarn or you can double or triple the yarn you have for a very cool looking cowl. I make one of these in one episode of "Once Upon a Time" (my latest addiction). 
-Also ignore the freckles in the pictures below… they are my "God given dots" as my eight year old princess puts it. 

What else am I up to in an effort to transition into Autumn….

-Picking the last tomatillos of the season to make a hot salsa verde

- Enjoying long walks near the creek

- Enjoying the beauty and dedication of pow wows in the area

- Picking the last Rose of the Season & mums from the garden

I find it amazing that this rose starts out bright yellow and ends up pale creamy white with freckles…. just like mine;)

Hope you transitioning is going well.
Fall is the perfect time for change and so my prayer is that God changes me as well as the leaves change. That my heart be transformed into one that does good in this world and leaves behind a legacy of peace.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tam hat and avocados

Sometimes I feel like I have lived a year in a week . . .
In one week …
--I made three hats and three cowls (I need to post the pics soon).
--I figured out how to make the slouchy hat/tam hat that I saw in "Life as We Know It" (a cute romantic comedy about accidental parenthood). 
--I bought a new car (a bitter sweet event- I expect my cars to last forever but this is my first unused new car with seat warmers)
--I gave up on the crocodile crochet stitch (argh!)
--I broke a toe on my left foot
--My parents sent me avocados from their tree in Puerto Rico (creamy and sweet and this is news given that my mother has a black thumb)
 --I realized that my little girl is faking being asleep when we put her to bed. I now wake up to reminder notes in all sorts of ways… these are attached to a string of all of her ribbons and belts and they led me to the kitchen where  a tiny note reminded me to make blueberry pancakes, not regular pancakes, for breakfast.

-- And this week I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I have no idea how it got to 10 years! It still feels like the first year as I still enjoy discovering things about my husband. Here is to 10 more…


Thank you God for 10 years. Thank you for the patience you give my husband to deal with me; for the great blessings and the suffering that has only made us stronger; for supplying when we thought we had nothing; for a family full of love and abundance and for ten of the best years of my life. Thank you God! You rock! 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Who needs an apple cozy?

Finally had a chance to sit down and work on a blog button. Apparently I am not a very good blogger if I don't have one of these:

I must thank my awesome nephew J.R. - a handsome senior in college- for the design. He knows I have a passion for owls and crochet. Can you tell the owl is holding a crochet needle. Its a perfect logo for me… the night time crocheter. 

Changing the subject…
On etsy I have seen tons of apple cozy's, mug cozy's, etc. I have stayed away from these because I think its  going a bit overboard with crochet. It reminds me of my grandmothers house. Not being a doll girl (I was and still tend to be a tomboy), I got creeped out every time I went into her bathroom. Sitting by her avocado colored porcelain throne was an old 1950's Barbie or look alike, with over the top dark eye makeup and jet black frizzy hair. While her hair was uncombed, she did sport a wonderful crochet dress. Under her dress, a roll of toilet paper held her up. Her arms were always outstretched as if asking to be picked up. She spooked me because she always poked me in the back. Well, maybe she didn't poke me as much as me forgetting that she was there. Her dress changed with the seasons. She had a Fourth of July dress, an orange dress for fall and a bright red and green one for Christmas. A search online leads me to believe that people still use these things to hide toilet paper. Hey, its TP, we all use it. We all know what its for. Its ok to leave it out. No one will think you are weird if you keep an extra roll near the toilet bowl. No need to pretty it up… we know what it is.  I think of apple and mug cozies as those over the top crochet items that really need not be. I mean, really, why does your apple need a little cozy? Is it too cold? Is a bruise here and there a bad thing for your apple?

Well let me tell you! I always pack an apple for work- I mean literally I eat one everyday. I was in a rush so I threw it in with my laptop as I have done many a times before. On my morning drive to work, what should happen but a sudden stop by a not- so - great- I- must - pray -for driver. I was far enough that I did not end up in his front seat, but my work bag did end up on the floor. When I got to work I had the pleasure of dealing with one sticky bag and laptop. The apple was partly crushed leaving behind its sweet juices on my stuff. I thank God that it was not me and just the apple, which I still ate of course (not the icky parts). This little incident prompted me to make a little coat for my apple. It was not until later that I figured out I had just made an apple cozy. Aha! So that's why they are so popular on etsy. They are very easy to make as well. Now my apples won't get as bruised as before and if they hit the floor, they have their very own in voyage protection.  Maybe I need to give scary toilet paper dolls a chance… who knows they may be protecting that toilet roll from something. 

On that note, thank you God for protecting this mommy and her family; for protecting us when we are well aware of the dangers that could have been and when we are unaware of those dangers that can be. Thank you for sending your angels to watch over us .
Psalms 91: 11- 13
"No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;For He shall give His angels charge over you,To keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slouchy Hat and School Starts

Someone sent me a facebook message on the first day of school for our school district .  "Happy Mother's Day" it read. For the many hardworking stay at home moms, I guess this is their day.
Overheard in the playground at my kids school:
"I went and had a mani and pedi- finally"
"I finally got to finish reading my book"
"I got to so some crafting and am excited that I will now have the time to finish the projects I started".
I sighed.  When you work in the home and out of the home, time is not your friend. I have to do everything that I could normally do during a day at home, on the weekends or catch up with it little by little during the week. The weekend is a whirlwind of mommy going nuts try to clean, catch up with mail, catch up with my Etsy shop, catch up with the gardening, catch up with family, go grocery shopping and everything else that goes with managing a home. But I cannot complain. Nearly a year ago, I could not move and today I have enough work to keep me moving. Hallelujah for that!

Of course all of this work does not stop me from crochetting. Oh no! This morning after kissing the hubby goodbye at 5 am, I decided to try my hand at a slouchy hat. Yes, I crochet at 5 am. They are basically berets but longer (more rows). In a little over an hour , I had this blue slouchy hat done. Because I crochet out of the top of my head, I didn't measure and didn't have a pattern. The last rows are a simple sc in the front loop and gives it a nice finish. But this would be perfect for a teenagers head. Hey, its my first slouchy. I do want another one - a longer one- and as a matter of fact, I will start on that right now.

Wishing your little ones a great school year & wishing you peaceful time at home to do a bit               of crocheting, reading or whatever makes your          heart leap.