Friday, August 17, 2012

What have I been upto? Ummm more hats!

Now that I came out about my hat addiction (hataholic), I can be honest when the hubster calls on my early days home and asks me what I am up to. Before I would say, "oh just this and that". But now I can be honest and say it "Yes, I am making another hat, yes"! And really he doesn't care but I always felt guilty about this pleasure. The feel of the yarn in my hand, the creative juices flowing and the quiet comfort of repetitive stitches. If you are a crafter, you know what I'm talking about. Crochet is truly my therapy after hectic days at work. Although I love my job, working in the mental health field is .... well mentally exhausting. Playing with some yarn helps me to release all of the tension that I build up sometimes. Well, playing with yarn I found at the bottom of the stash, I came up with these two cute hats for a newborn and a little girl. And, yes they are going into etsy because I cannot keep hoarding hats for no good reason. I do like a good newsboy hat don't you? Gonna have to make one my size.

 The green hat has a wonderfully fluffy creamy beige flower on it. I meant to create one atop of the other, but the yarn is so thick that I only made one. My intention was to make this a boy hat, but the hubster thought it would be best for a girl. So right before I add the flower to it a neighbor boy stops by to play with the kiddos. He sees the hat and mentions how cool it is. So now I am thinking, should this be a boys hat or a girls hat. Well I had already made the flower, so a girls hat it is. Next time I will ask the kiddos themselves if they would wear a color like this.

Recently I was connected to a wonderful hat maker. Her name is Emma and she isn't far from my neck of the woods. Her wonderfully cute shop is Happy Walrus over at Etsy. I ordered a custom hat from her. And get this ALL HATS ALL ARE ONLY $20!!! Here is the super cute hat she made for me:

 Aren't the ears super cute. Her model is adorable as well. And the lining on this hat is as gorgeous! Can you tell I'm excited about getting this hat? Can't Wait! Well Emma's shop inspired me to do something this with royal blue fluffy yarn that has been in my stash for nearly a year without being touched. And here it is. This is a beanie with crazy ears on it. Its for an adult and I am having a hard time putting it up on etsy because the kiddos think it looks awesome on me. What to do? What to do?
 It super soft and oh so warm and fluffy!  I have not added a flower, eyes, ears or anything on it. I think it can even be unisex because of the color. What to do?

Never let your hats shrink
It could mean that your head
Has gotten to0 big.
Too big to really see
What some in society may need.
You know, folks like you and me
Who give without reproach
Who love without interest
Who see a need and fill it
by Gabli

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  1. Hi Gabli!
    It's so nice to meet you. I love your hats! They are rich and lovely! I'm going to follow your blog for sure!
    I'll pop over to your Etsy shop, too.
    (I love your poem!)

  2. Very cute hats ! So fun when you find something you love...I'm so glad you love to crochet! :)

    1. Thanks. I have started making those head handkerchiefs in a granny half square too. I think my addiction is growing from hats to any head coverings! LOL. I will be posting a tutorial on those soon.


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