Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Isla del Encanto

La Playa de Todos, la Isla del Encanto, Borinquen, Estrella del Caribe. Whatever you call it, Puerto Rico was born in my heart. 
Mom tells me her garden in PR is coming out rather nicely and my heart skips a beat at the thought that one day perhaps I can visit and garden PR's soil. For now, lack of funds keep me at home but memories from past visits put a smile on my face. 

BTW: You can use these pics but please give credit where credit is due and link back to Gabli Musing. Please and thank you. 

The view from grandmas house. La casa de Abuela. 

Wish I could grow these here!

The out-house turned into laundry room.

Why can't I grow these here?

Another view from la Casa de Abuela.

Wish I was there. 

San Juan Puerto Rico.

El Morro. 

Everything is so colorful and lively.  
En Mi Viejo San Juan. Puerto Rican Bolero. by Noel Estrada as found on 
(original version)
En mi Viejo San Juan
Cuantos sueños forjéEn mis noches de infancia.Mi primera ilusiónY mis cuitas de amorSon recuerdos del alma.Una tarde me fuí hacia extraña naciónPues lo quiso el destino.Pero mi corazón se quedó frente al mar
En mi viejo San Juan.
In my Old San Juan,
many dreams I forgedin my childhood nights.My first illusion,and my troubles of loveare memories of the soul.One afternoon I departed to a foreign nation,for that's how destiny would have it.But my heart remained before the sea,
in my Old San Juan.
Adiós... adiós, adiós
Borinquen querida,Tierra de mi amor.Adiós... adiós, adiósMi diosa del mar...Mi reina del palmar.Me voy pero un día volveréA buscar mi quererA soñar otra vez
En mi viejo San Juan.
Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)
My dear Borinquen*Land of my loveGoodbye (goodbye, goodbye)My Goddess of the SeaMy Queen of the palm groveI'm leaving but someday I'll returnTo search for my loveTo dream once again
In my Old San Juan.
Pero el tiempo pasó
Y el destino burlóMi terrible nostalgia.Y no pude volverAl San Juan que yo améPedacito de patria.Mi cabello blanqueóY mi vida se vaYa la muerte me llamaY no quiero morirAlejado de tí
Puerto Rico del alma.
But time passed by,
and destiny mockedmy terrible nostalgia.And I could not returnto the San Juan that I lovedlittle piece of my homeland.My hair turned white,and my life is fleeting,death is now calling me.And I don't want to dieAway from you,
Puerto Rico of my soul!

I can understand how my parents felt living outside of the Island and why they yearned to return. They are there now and although I miss them terribly and want them to come back to what I consider home, I understand their need to be drawn back to their homeland. 

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