Friday, August 10, 2012

Another hat to love

Being petite (is that what we call short these days?, nonetheless  fabulous) and a bit on the chubby side (not to big but still gained a ton of weight thanks to meds and the inability to move at times- had to justify myself for some reason), fashion is not my friend (or perhaps fashion designers are not my friends). I feel that I should open a shop that would cater to petite plus sized or less than plus sized women. I shall name it after me "Small n' Curvy". And I am working on that curvy part before it becomes "Small and Round". And I think you know what I mean by curvy. As a Latina, I have always had curves. But now some of these curves (aka bumps) are in the wrong places. Wouldn't it be great if we could transfer fat to other areas of our body that are lacking? But I digress, being petite and plus sized means that hats are one of my favorite accessories that I can fit in perfectly. I think this is why I can make a simple dc hat  in less than 45 minutes these days. While watching a family movie, my fingers were busy creating this fall hat (ignore the unkept eyebrows).  I added it to my etsy shop. I love the colors and the big, simple Irish flower. As always, I didn't use a pattern. Even the original pattern I learned for the Irish rose has been changed over time since I misplaced it. I just went with what I had and I kinda like it. Nah, I love it and don't want to add it to the etsy shop but I did after hearing this:
A: Watcha' making mommy?
me: A hat
A: another one?
me: yup
A: why
Dad interrupts: because momma has a hat fetish
A: What's a fetish?
me: I will let dad explain that to you
Dad: um… I don't know…mom, help.
A: You mean she loves hats and collects them?
me: (in my head) darn they figured it out.

And with that realization to the etsy shop it was added. 

But my fetish continues and I found an awesome hat  at Gleeful Things .

Isn't it a cutey? Perfect for fall, spring and oh so many Christmas gifts. It reminds me of one of the doilies my mother in law helped me with:
Love the happy color of this doily. Someone in Georgia bought the set it
and I hope it brightens their home;)

While I was at it, I went ahead and added other little hats I found in my stash. Yup, that is how bad its gotten. I forget I make these small hats!

Ahh.. hats.  Don't you love it when a hat size reads "one size fits all"? I wish all fashion was that way. 
One day, I will be back to my original size. For right now, I am enjoying my new curves and bumps (even the ones in the wrong places). I am learning that no matter what, I can always fit into a hat! In the end I know that I am wonderfully and uniquely made.

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  1. Hi Gabli...I am Shari, I stumbled across your blog through tangled sweetpea and I to love to make hats. come visit me as well and maybe we can share some ideas!

    1. Hi Shari,
      I just joined your site and what a wonderful site it is. I love the owl pattern. Would it be ok to link it here in the future?

  2. What a pretty hat. Hope you have a beautiful day.


    1. Thanks Danielle. Looking forward to your etsy shop. And know that your blog put a smile on my face during some of the hardest days and nights of my life.
      Thank you for being a blessing.


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