Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pattern: Half Granny Square Head Hanky

Ever say to yourself  "I will sit and crochet for 20 minutes and then I will go on to do what I have to do". Well that never really happens. At least not around here. I usually say that I will crochet for 20 minutes or so and then move on and usually I find myself picking up shoes here, dusting that there, putting the check book back, fixing that toy, taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, organizing their rooms and before I know it that cleaning up has stolen an hour of my slowing down time. But at least the place stays somewhat clean.
So when do I crochet? While I wait for the school bell, at the doctors, at 6 am after morning yoga, while the football game is on, etc. Usually there is something else going on. I never crochet just to sit and crochet.  It does amaze me when I actually complete a project. I've been working on the following for the past few days b/c I can see the fruits of my labor rather quickly.  I  completed a pattern for it and I pray that it makes sense. Its a head hanky as I call it.  Please let me know if this works for you or if there is an error. I am not a pattern writer (for sure). Many of you know that I just make things up as I go and never follow a pattern. But this one is pretty easy and a dear pal gave me one as a gift and by looking at it, I think I figured it out.

Half Granny Square Head Hanky:
use the right size hook for your yarn and decide for yourself how big you want 
Abbreviations in US terms
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
sc: single crochet
st: stitch

Note: your are adding a 3dc group to the last post or the last dc of a 3dc group- don't dc into the last space b/c it will give you a confusing gap. You must dc into the top of the post.  

-ch3 and join with a sl st to the first ch to form a circle (or make a magic circle whichever you prefer)
-ch 3 (counts as first double crochet) in the circle
-2 dc in the circle
-ch 2  and 3 dc in the circle
-ch 3 (counts as first dc of the second round) turn
- 2 dc in the same stitch as the ch 3
- 3 dc in the ch2 space, ch2 and 3dc in the same space (the ch2 space)
- 3 dc in the last dc of the first 3dc group, ch 3 and turn
-continue with 2 dc in the same ch 3 space, 3 dc in the next space between the two 3dc groups and always add 2ch in the middle area when you get to the previous ch 2 space until you reach the desired size.
- finishing:
 add one chain at each end of the long side or add three chains braided as one
you can finish the edge with a sc around the border or sc along the two short sides and ch3 to form little loops around the long side (sc in one space, ch2, sc in the 2nd space until the end of the longer side)

There are some variations of this idea in several websites. Some add a ch1 in between the 3dc clusters or do ch3 instead of 2 in the middle. Work with whatever works with you and your yarn.

Can you tell that I am not very good at taking pics?! I need to learn how to use the camera to adjust for light, etc. 

I ran out of yarn for these, but used a similar color for a nice touch to the end. These are perfect for fall!

 Hoping you have 20 minutes a day to do what you want and feel refreshed after you do. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

What have I been upto? Ummm more hats!

Now that I came out about my hat addiction (hataholic), I can be honest when the hubster calls on my early days home and asks me what I am up to. Before I would say, "oh just this and that". But now I can be honest and say it "Yes, I am making another hat, yes"! And really he doesn't care but I always felt guilty about this pleasure. The feel of the yarn in my hand, the creative juices flowing and the quiet comfort of repetitive stitches. If you are a crafter, you know what I'm talking about. Crochet is truly my therapy after hectic days at work. Although I love my job, working in the mental health field is .... well mentally exhausting. Playing with some yarn helps me to release all of the tension that I build up sometimes. Well, playing with yarn I found at the bottom of the stash, I came up with these two cute hats for a newborn and a little girl. And, yes they are going into etsy because I cannot keep hoarding hats for no good reason. I do like a good newsboy hat don't you? Gonna have to make one my size.

 The green hat has a wonderfully fluffy creamy beige flower on it. I meant to create one atop of the other, but the yarn is so thick that I only made one. My intention was to make this a boy hat, but the hubster thought it would be best for a girl. So right before I add the flower to it a neighbor boy stops by to play with the kiddos. He sees the hat and mentions how cool it is. So now I am thinking, should this be a boys hat or a girls hat. Well I had already made the flower, so a girls hat it is. Next time I will ask the kiddos themselves if they would wear a color like this.

Recently I was connected to a wonderful hat maker. Her name is Emma and she isn't far from my neck of the woods. Her wonderfully cute shop is Happy Walrus over at Etsy. I ordered a custom hat from her. And get this ALL HATS ALL ARE ONLY $20!!! Here is the super cute hat she made for me:

 Aren't the ears super cute. Her model is adorable as well. And the lining on this hat is as gorgeous! Can you tell I'm excited about getting this hat? Can't Wait! Well Emma's shop inspired me to do something this with royal blue fluffy yarn that has been in my stash for nearly a year without being touched. And here it is. This is a beanie with crazy ears on it. Its for an adult and I am having a hard time putting it up on etsy because the kiddos think it looks awesome on me. What to do? What to do?
 It super soft and oh so warm and fluffy!  I have not added a flower, eyes, ears or anything on it. I think it can even be unisex because of the color. What to do?

Never let your hats shrink
It could mean that your head
Has gotten to0 big.
Too big to really see
What some in society may need.
You know, folks like you and me
Who give without reproach
Who love without interest
Who see a need and fill it
by Gabli

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Another hat to love

Being petite (is that what we call short these days?, nonetheless  fabulous) and a bit on the chubby side (not to big but still gained a ton of weight thanks to meds and the inability to move at times- had to justify myself for some reason), fashion is not my friend (or perhaps fashion designers are not my friends). I feel that I should open a shop that would cater to petite plus sized or less than plus sized women. I shall name it after me "Small n' Curvy". And I am working on that curvy part before it becomes "Small and Round". And I think you know what I mean by curvy. As a Latina, I have always had curves. But now some of these curves (aka bumps) are in the wrong places. Wouldn't it be great if we could transfer fat to other areas of our body that are lacking? But I digress, being petite and plus sized means that hats are one of my favorite accessories that I can fit in perfectly. I think this is why I can make a simple dc hat  in less than 45 minutes these days. While watching a family movie, my fingers were busy creating this fall hat (ignore the unkept eyebrows).  I added it to my etsy shop. I love the colors and the big, simple Irish flower. As always, I didn't use a pattern. Even the original pattern I learned for the Irish rose has been changed over time since I misplaced it. I just went with what I had and I kinda like it. Nah, I love it and don't want to add it to the etsy shop but I did after hearing this:
A: Watcha' making mommy?
me: A hat
A: another one?
me: yup
A: why
Dad interrupts: because momma has a hat fetish
A: What's a fetish?
me: I will let dad explain that to you
Dad: um… I don't know…mom, help.
A: You mean she loves hats and collects them?
me: (in my head) darn they figured it out.

And with that realization to the etsy shop it was added. 

But my fetish continues and I found an awesome hat  at Gleeful Things .

Isn't it a cutey? Perfect for fall, spring and oh so many Christmas gifts. It reminds me of one of the doilies my mother in law helped me with:
Love the happy color of this doily. Someone in Georgia bought the set it
and I hope it brightens their home;)

While I was at it, I went ahead and added other little hats I found in my stash. Yup, that is how bad its gotten. I forget I make these small hats!

Ahh.. hats.  Don't you love it when a hat size reads "one size fits all"? I wish all fashion was that way. 
One day, I will be back to my original size. For right now, I am enjoying my new curves and bumps (even the ones in the wrong places). I am learning that no matter what, I can always fit into a hat! In the end I know that I am wonderfully and uniquely made.

Need more eye candy? see more at Gablisees

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Isla del Encanto

La Playa de Todos, la Isla del Encanto, Borinquen, Estrella del Caribe. Whatever you call it, Puerto Rico was born in my heart. 
Mom tells me her garden in PR is coming out rather nicely and my heart skips a beat at the thought that one day perhaps I can visit and garden PR's soil. For now, lack of funds keep me at home but memories from past visits put a smile on my face. 

BTW: You can use these pics but please give credit where credit is due and link back to Gabli Musing. Please and thank you. 

The view from grandmas house. La casa de Abuela. 

Wish I could grow these here!

The out-house turned into laundry room.

Why can't I grow these here?

Another view from la Casa de Abuela.

Wish I was there. 

San Juan Puerto Rico.

El Morro. 

Everything is so colorful and lively.  
En Mi Viejo San Juan. Puerto Rican Bolero. by Noel Estrada as found on 
(original version)
En mi Viejo San Juan
Cuantos sueños forjéEn mis noches de infancia.Mi primera ilusiónY mis cuitas de amorSon recuerdos del alma.Una tarde me fuí hacia extraña naciónPues lo quiso el destino.Pero mi corazón se quedó frente al mar
En mi viejo San Juan.
In my Old San Juan,
many dreams I forgedin my childhood nights.My first illusion,and my troubles of loveare memories of the soul.One afternoon I departed to a foreign nation,for that's how destiny would have it.But my heart remained before the sea,
in my Old San Juan.
Adiós... adiós, adiós
Borinquen querida,Tierra de mi amor.Adiós... adiós, adiósMi diosa del mar...Mi reina del palmar.Me voy pero un día volveréA buscar mi quererA soñar otra vez
En mi viejo San Juan.
Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)
My dear Borinquen*Land of my loveGoodbye (goodbye, goodbye)My Goddess of the SeaMy Queen of the palm groveI'm leaving but someday I'll returnTo search for my loveTo dream once again
In my Old San Juan.
Pero el tiempo pasó
Y el destino burlóMi terrible nostalgia.Y no pude volverAl San Juan que yo améPedacito de patria.Mi cabello blanqueóY mi vida se vaYa la muerte me llamaY no quiero morirAlejado de tí
Puerto Rico del alma.
But time passed by,
and destiny mockedmy terrible nostalgia.And I could not returnto the San Juan that I lovedlittle piece of my homeland.My hair turned white,and my life is fleeting,death is now calling me.And I don't want to dieAway from you,
Puerto Rico of my soul!

I can understand how my parents felt living outside of the Island and why they yearned to return. They are there now and although I miss them terribly and want them to come back to what I consider home, I understand their need to be drawn back to their homeland.