Monday, July 30, 2012

Litte flowers and carnival time

Its not summer unless you hit the carnival scene. In the big city I hardly ever saw a carnival come to town. If they did, never by me. In the burbs each town gets their turn at the carnival. When I was first married, I think we went to 7 carnivals in one summer. So, its not summer unless you hit at least one carnival during the school holiday.

He looks like a giant tinker toy.

And although I crochet more in the winter and fall, I could not help making these rings. The pattern for the little roses are found here at Lucy's Attic 24. I just bought the rings at Joann Fabrics and glued them on.

 And while I watch Oscars Oasis for the umpteenth time with the little one, I came up with this very floppy tiara/crown thingy for Little A. She wears it proud and despite its floppiness, it stays on her head straight and well.

Hope your world right now is as colorful as ours has been lately!

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  1. Hi there Gabli, thank you for joining my blog. I really like yrnprojects also...I look forward to stopping by often to visit you. "see" you soon :)


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