Friday, July 13, 2012

Garden and Crochet headbands

Life is always busy when you are a yarn or craft person. Add, kids, work, a garden, house, hubster, family and friends and there is never a dull moment. 

Been busy at the garden picking the first fruits and...
picking those nasty Japanese beetles…. they are attracted to our citronella candles for some reason.. the wax melts and drowns them or makes it impossible for them to fly ;) Only Japanese beetles, no bees (that's good) , no wasps, only beetles for some reason.
And been busy watching honey bees. This is the first time I see them in my garden in 4 years! Very excited about this since the wasp population has gotten out of control around us and the bees have diminished.
I want to pop these so badly - they are on our tomato plants. See the ski stick- its used as a tomato support;)

I have also been busy make headbands again. This little number was an inspiration from You Seriously Made That? Click here for the excellent tutorial. It works fast and easily for a nap time craft;)

- I think my freckles are more noticeable in black and white-

I am a yarn-aholic, a yarn hog, a yarn hoarder. But I do use every single piece. These are made from left over yarn. I just double crocheted until I ran out of yarn and made these baby sized head bands. 
I like how the cherries will hang on a little girls head. Now to find a little girl. I did cheat on this. After making the first head band shown, I had the glue gun still on. I always hand sew embellishments but got lazy and glued the cherry leaves on. It went by a lot faster than hand sewing. The down side is that this will be one piece you can't  throw in the wash:( But hey, its was cheap, fast and cute. 

The rose on the one below is one of Lucy's creations and can be found at Attic 24.
This one is for a new born, I think. My little G would not stay still enough for me to see if it will fit a 4 year old. Boys! 

Hope your life has been full
Of busy and fun things
Of gardens and family and crafts
And friends life brings

For to be busy for a day
Leaves you rest well at night
And imagine what you have to do
With the first morning light

For to be busy for a day
Means you've produced something great
A memory, a laugh, a craft
A family that is well fed

For to be busy for a day
Means you are living life fully
Not a boring moment in your life
Take advantage of it thoroughly!
 by Gabli

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