Friday, June 15, 2012

Spring's End

Its hard to believe that summer will be here in about 5 days. We have had over eight 90 degree days making this spring feel more like the dog days of summer.
There is concern in the gardening community that our change from zone 5 to zone 6 was a bit premature, that what should be flowering in late September is trying to flower now and that this is only the beginning of major climate changes. Taking everything in stride, I think I will not worry but instead enjoy this odd weather. And enjoy I have….

Enjoying the fruits of gardening...

Enjoying a little bit of craft time.
These little water havens for the birds are super easy to make. And, they don't mind the chip on the bowl like we do. 
Here is what I used:
a porcelain drill bit
a screw of the same diameter of your drill bit  
a plastic washer or two (keeps the water in)
an old bowl (I used a porcelain bowl but this perhaps can work with a plastic bowl and then I won’t need to use a porcelain drill bit – gonna try it the next time with all of the bowls the kids are outgrowing)
a wooden rod or a doll rod like I used here (ya know when that broom goes bad, save that stick if its wooden- it may do the trick)
a drill

How I used what I had
1 and 2) With a porcelain drill bit, drill a pre-marked hole at the center of a small bowl and another at the center of the wood rod. Be careful here since drilling in the center of a small diameter is tricky. Go slooooowwwwllly. You don’t want to crack the bowl or drill your hand. I drilled onto the bowl by setting it on the grass instead of a table or my hand. The grass gave it a nice cushion and also saved my hand. I drilled onto the wood rod by setting that deep into the grass and dirt.

3) Assemble your new garden piece in the following order:
  ---wood rod----plastic washer---bowl----plastic washer----screw

4) Gently secure the screw with a drill or a screwdriver. The washers should protect the bowl from cracking if you use a drill and keep the water in.

I DID NOT use a plastic washer on top- I used a metal one- but its working like charm;) I just hope it doesn’t rust. Now place your water haven for the birds where you want to see them. I cannot keep count of how many little birdies are having a drink at this one. Just keep the water clean- you don’t want mosquitos using the bowl to nest. 

Enjoying the flowers

 …and to think this baby cost under $2! 

Enjoying the view of the neighbors container gardens…. so colorful…so cheerful... 

Waiting patiently for harvest time and for flowers we have 
not seen in a year to visit us this summer….

Enjoying visits from the locals…

And enjoying the simplicities of life at home
 I think we are off to a good summer in this part of the woods 
and I pray that is the same where you are too.

Good Bye Spring… 
Spring, your stay was a short one this year
But I know you will come back my dear
Thank you for the blooms
And for driving away the winter gloom
Thank you for the edibles you've brought
Notice I did not let a single one rot?
Please do stop by again 
Oh, won't you stay longer my friend?
I see, I see…. you must go
Summer is about to show
I will wait patiently for you next year 
And perhaps you can stay longer next time, my dear.
By Gabli

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