Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot times in the city

The hubster decided to visit the city. It has been 5 months since I have been there.  I have a love hate relationship with the city. I love it for I grew up in the big, noisy, over populated, city. When I left it 10 years I ago I missed it dearly. Now, I don't miss it at all. Or do I?

I certainly don't miss the traffic… although I always went for public transportation until my then fiancee' gave me his Honda Prelude- vrooom! Most girls get flowers, jewerly….. I got a car after dating for a year;) That's why I married that guy.

I certainly don't miss the tight living quarters and lack of little wildlife critters and greenery.  When I moved to the burbs and saw a possum for the first time I nearly panicked. I thought it was an albino rat. I have to say, the city is trying to move from gray heat islands to more green and I couldn't be more proud. More and more rooftop gardens are born daily and community gardens in local parks are sprouting. I was psyched to find a garden not far from where we were--I will post these at a later time.

I don't miss the way too tall modern architecture. The city seems a bit confusing to me. Old romantic buildings next to new sleek ones. Although I admire the new architecture, the old buildings are my favorite and have so many stories to tell. I worked in those too tall buildings and if you were one second late, you were gonna be 10 minutes late--- elevators were always packed.

I don't miss the graffiti, but I did like this little guy. I am a sucker for owls. 
I think its an owl. 

The old buildings inside have the best details. Here at the CCC, the entry way welcomes you with intricate tile work from many years back.

Again, why I heart the old buildings… back then it wasn't just putting up walls….it was building mini-castles!

 Wonder how long it took to put these ceiling sets together?

I do appreciate the city's love of the arts. The following are by Brazilian Artist

Denise Milan,

I do worry that an alien ship landed in the city… oh wait… its that bean thing...
 Here we are in the middle of the bean…excuse me.. "the Cloud"
 Can you find us?

I also don't miss the people congestion…. This place was packed and I was told that it was usually more packed than on the day we went. The best way to explain the fountain is by reading about it here.  Genius really!
The kiddos had a blast getting their feet wet. 

There was much more to see and many more pics, 
but I will post those at some later time. 

After visiting the city for a full day, it was great to go back to the quiet comforts of home, away from the beeping horns, to our quiet sunroom and the sounds of birds and our fountain. It felt wonderful to breath in the newly planted lavender and scented candles as opposed to the smell of exhaust fumes and smoke.  
I used to miss the city… the liveliness… how everything is open late…how everything is a bus stop away. I felt isolated when I first moved to the suburbs. But, boy am I glad I did. Although the history and architecture and attractions are magnificent, (the suburbs have a little bit of that too) the suburbs  make me slow down, plan for tomorrow and just take it one day at a time without ---no rushing like a madwoman. Ahh home… now to relax…

Who am I kidding… I have two kids under 7 with more energy than I ever had at that age….. I was able to sit down for 2 minutes before I started to clean up after them - the doorbell rang and company came in…. but good company. 
We ate cake and laughed until midnight, here in my quiet suburb. 

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