Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the Beach

Not a beach person. I don't like to be in water too long. I prefer the dirt in between my fingers and green surrounding me. Why? I almost drowned when I was a kid and if my little ones were to read this - hopefully this will serve as an archive and a peak into my life's past- I lied to both of you. I want you to take swim lessons each year not because I love being in the water with you, but because I don't want you to go through what I went through.

That being said, I like the sound of water and the sound of my little ones having a blast at the beach.  I usually hide under a sun hat, wear way too much SPF, bring along an umbrella and worry that they are going in too far.  I cannot deal with another freckle even if my little A loves them. When she was 3 she asked me "Mommy, when am I getting my dots?". I was too busy making sure her carseat belts were properly on to notice her staring at my face. "What dots?", I asked. "Those dots" she returned. She nearly poked my eye out pointing to three freckles that form a perfect triangle near my left eye (no I was never part of a street gang). I wanted to say "Hopefully never and hopefully your porcelain face will always remain the same". But I stopped myself, smiled at her and said "I know, they are so cool and make me different and beautiful. I don't know when but we'll see as you grow bigger". I hope she still likes freckles at 16.

 This beach is about 40 minutes from our home. Its near a wonderfully kept little town with marvelous unique old homes. It also has one fantastic fort. This one does not have the bright colors and no plastic. Its all wood and its actually built like a fort (walls surround it so you can't lose your kid). A thinks it was made to be a princess castle.
 Poor swan.. can't come out to play.
At the beach, when I am not worrying about them going in too far or me getting another freckle, I crochet and then I start to relax n' slow down. Then, I lose the hat, dig my feet in the sand for a natural n' free pedicure and crochet to the rythm of the waves and the sound of laughter near by.

I hope you get your feet 
In the sand this summer 
And enjoy the sound of the waves
And great roars of the water.

I pray you get to rest
Not too far from the sea
That you get to take a nice nap
And let your worries all go free.

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