Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden time has arrived!

Yes…the frost season is officially over! Yehaw…doing the happy dance. I like winter and love fall but flowers grow best in spring and summer around here.

 Psyched about this chocolate mint plant. I hope it survives the winter.

 We have been inundated with butterflies. When this one opened its wings, it blue shiny color and white polka dots with brown were a pleasant surprise.
 Sun mint and lemon tea- hmm.. I should have tried this with the chocolate mint

 Ski poles repurposed as a tomato trellis.

 The front yard.

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I planted them last fall but forgot the color!
 Not bad for a 99 c. buy. Now I have to cleanup this ivy!
 Oh the smells here are great.  The iris smells so clean with a touch of orange and the yellow roses that turn white as they grow and smell so sweet.
 Our $5 roses are great - a gift that keep giving!

 I finally know what a rose smells like-- heaven. I wasn't much of a rose person but after growing these ohh I love them.

 No clue what this is - but so cute and another 99cent buy.
yet another 99c buy

 A bounty from the garden;)
I walked outside to find my little girl surrounded by these. Not sure if this is a mock monarch or a true monarch… either way it was wonderful to see my little girl dancing with butterflies.

 From this to this
To this….. 
Needless to say, I have been busy. But, it has been a good busy.

The ache in my bones
And the swelling of my joints
Are nothing compared 
To the joy that is felt
When I see my garden bloom
The pain in my back
And the dirt in my nails
Are but a small price to pay
I would certainly say
For flowers drive away the gloom

So join me in the garden
While my whines you pardon
For the flowers are awaiting
And the birds are warning
"Hurry up my dear, winter will be here soon"
By Gabli

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