Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Blessings of One Day

I don't think I will ever be able to catch up with the kids, the garden, the housework, the office work, the bills, the never ending to do lists, etc. etc. I know I will never be able to sit down with a nice cup of something warm and say, "Ahh yes… everything is done and I can now relax"- the guilt kills me at times. But I am not one to complain. The fact that I am alive and able to move, able to even write up a to do list, able to have children when some told me I would not be able to, able to bend down to pick up socks, toys, books and tiny toys makes me very very happy. Catching up lets me know that I am a mom on the go- that I am alive and that every second of my life matters. It is only logical then that slowing down becomes a very complex thing to do ….. I am trying to however, and these pics help me slow down and count my blessings.  These are the blessings of just one day… imagine if I sat down and counted the ones in my entire life! God's love is overwhelming!

Blessed by an Easter feast- so much food even in times of hardship.

My brothers in law cooked these out in the grill- I call them cactus- they call it "nopal". Its regarded for having many healing properties…not sure on that, but a curious tasting cactus it was.

I heart my mom in law's veggie and pasta salad… the colors alone are wonderful.

I saw grown men cry when they added this to their meal. Rumor has it that mom in law was mad when she made it… so hot I think my spoon melted in their. 
Blessed by flowers from the garden. God's creation is amazing!

This is why I am psyched about my new camera…still testing it out but psyched none the less…I love this Mexican sweet dish.  Its called capirotada. At some point I will have to start a recipe portion to this blog … deliciousness in a simple way!  

Blessed by more sweets. There was a delicious fruit salad that uses "lechera" instead of yogurt but I didn't get to take a pic… it was gone in a flash
Blessed by a sweet egg hunt. Can you tell that the men were in charge of hiding eggs this year? This one didn't make it. The following Monday (I wish I had taken a pic) my fountain was spewing bubbles and I could not figure out why. The kids later told me a friend had added bubble mix to the fountain. Thankfully the birds kept their distance given the immense bubbling going on.  

Blessed by understanding. I had to tell little my little ones that the real eggs needed to be saved for breakfast and that decorating foam eggs was as much fun. They understood and didn't whine once!

Blessed by a new camera- a cheap camera too- and the great time I spent with my little girl making this craft. Google yarn egg craft  - click on images and you will find the steps needed to create. 

Blessed by the fact that a little boy that ate thousands of pieces of candy didn't sick and had 0 cavities at his annual dental check up. 


I pray I will always find time to slow down and reflect on the blessings in my life, Gabli

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