Friday, March 2, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day came with giggles and tons and tons and tons of candy. Is it you Gabli, or is Valentines Day turning out to be a Halloween type of day when candy is collected by the buckets? Gabli you do it all the time too! The funny thing is, the kiddos don't even eat the stuff. It just sits there for months and I eventually throw it away. This sounds grouchy but I prefer the pencils, erasers and cute stickers that the kids get instead of the candy.  The kids use that stuff and I don't have to throw it away after several months.

Now to sound like a real old lady: In my day we rarely got to savor candy. And, if we did, it was usually those mint, hard candy, pin wheels. When there wasn't enough for everyone, and this is the God honest truth, momma would break them and give us each a piece. How on earth do you break hard candy? You smash it on the floor (in its wrapper) and share the broken tiny chunks. We were all happy to get our piece. Today, the kiddos come home with happy pink and red bags full to the rim of all sorts of delish chocolates. Then, they ignore the candy after the 1st day. Wow. I just realized how blessed we are. Sounds crazy but seriously Gabli, you rarely ate candy as a kid due to the financial stress of a large family. Now, you throw it out. I wonder if there is anything you can do with it?

We celebrate the easy and frugal way around here. Thanks to, we got some pretty cool lips and mustaches for our lollipops. Cost: under $2.50 for the lollipops and it would have been cheaper if I got them at the dollar store instead.

For Little G we bought bubbles and simply removed the store labels and added our own : " Have a Bubbly Valentines Day". Cost: under $3.00 and again would have been cheaper if I just had gone to the dollar store. Wow, I really need a new camera ! Wait, wasn't a new camera my Christmas 2011 present? Someone owes me a present… a camera present!

Because we are trying to save money, the hubster and I decided to stay home and not do a Valentines exchange. He never follows the rules and got me a little something which is nice but now I feel like a crappy wife for not getting him a little something. So...I grabbed a 98 cent box of milk duds while grocery shopping and give him that. Such a sad little thing but it brought him a little smile that I still remember these were his childhood favorites. In retrospect, I could have written a lovely note, wrapped it up or done something nice even if he does not care for that stuff. Whoa, I think I am one cheap momma. As long as he knows that I adore him and am connected to him for the rest of our lives….right? 

My big sister with her dear husband (he supplies me with the best coffee money can buy) came over and when she comes over a party gets started. The kids go nuts over here and Gabli you should smile that they are in love with her. She is a blessing since I was a child. I always say she was my second momma. She still wants to take care of me and now my children. If there ever was a mothering award, it would go to her. She loves kids and connects with them easily and at any age group. I admire her patience with children. 

She decided to spend V-day with us and made a delish pot roast that seriously just melted in your mouth (drooling over it right now). Delicioso!  We like to eat this with a side of fresh tortillas. So good. 

I had done a bit of baking earlier that day and had hidden these well due to the wandering hands of the hubster and the little guy. I decided to make this my V-day treat for the hubby since I still felt guilty over my 98 cent box of milk duds. I took a regular simple yellow cake mix and added smashed bananas (the ones that are just one or two days away from going into the trash). I simply cut out any black spots and just added the smashed bananas to the mix. These turned out sabrosos and oh so moist! Add my cake topper from our wedding and some white frosting and I am done. Simple right?
Well not really. The big sister found some decorating stuff and added her personal touch. She and little A took out all of the red sprinkles from a green and red Christmas mix and flourished these moist cupcakes. Now that is something I would not have done. I just don't have the patience. And yet, somehow, she and little A took their time and decorated each one for the hubby. She also reminded me to save the candy the bring home to decorate cupcakes. Duh!!  Why didn't I think of that? I just am not a kitchen person.
 In reality, I think the hubster only ate 2 and we ate the rest of them…but he praised how good they tasted and saved a couple for lunch at work the next day. 

I picture my big guy sitting among other big guys with their rugged clothes, boots and hard hats eating lunch. I picture my guy taking out these little cakes out of his large and maculine lunchbox. I pray that he knows that I bake because I love him. I pray that he knows that he is enough. I pray that he knows that the fancy things and the expensive things are not what I need. I pray that he knows that he is greatly loved. I pray that God continues to bless him with strength, solidarity and and patience.  I pray that he continues to build this wonderful legacy he has started.  


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