Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Small Shamrock Crochet Tutorial

I don't celebrate St. Patricks Day. Its a lovely holiday. I just don't celebrate it. I am not Irish… not even a tiny bit. I am a mix of wonderful that makes up my Puerto Rican ancestry.  I do like however, Irish music. Its so cheerful!

I found my love for this music when my sister introduced it to me while in college.  She loves anything Irish.  Most Puerto Ricans are very proud of their heritage.  This is not to say that my sister is not. But, she would trade it over in a second if she could be Irish. I wonder when this started and why.  Perhaps its because she is the only one among us siblings with reddish brown hair. In the summer, it blazes a beautiful penny red.

My son has inherited this hair color and yes I am jealous of its wonderful color. My husband's beard comes in red (and a bit of white recently which he blames on me). But not me. I am just a plain black hair gal. When my son was born, trying to remake myself into a cool mama, I had my hair professionally colored red. It didn't work. The colorist went for a lighter color. I ended up looking lie a pumpkin. I decided then and there to never do that again.

Ahh, we are never satisfied with what we are. My mother used to say, "Los palidos desean ser mas trigueños, y los trigueños desean ser mas palido y jamas podran" (The pale ones want to be darker and the darker ones want to be paler and neither will ever be).

To help my sister celebrate her love of the Irish, I made these tiny shamrocks for her. They are so easy to make and the patterns can be found allover the internet. I plan to make them into a bunting. They are really, really simple to crochet:

chain 4
join with a slip stitch
chain three (counts as first DC)
tc into the ring or circle as I like to say
chain three and slip stitch it into the circle (ring)

Make three of these.
Now for the stem I tried two ways:
First method:
At the third one, after slip stitching, chain 6
SC up the chain of 6 and slip stitch it into the ring
fasten off and voila, you are done

Second method:
I chained 6
I single crocheted not into the chain but outside and around the chain. That is I captured the chain and wrapped it with the yarn as I sc up the chain.

Here is a pic of the difference.
For an even clearer pattern on these great little guys and better pics, check out Suzies-yarnie-stuff and Skip to my Lou. I got the idea from both of these sites, but really there are other sites using the same pattern.

I ended up making way too many of these (too easy to make= addiction). So, I added pins to the back and gave them out at work. It gave me tons of smiles in return;)

No two of the shamrocks are alike. This is because I crochet too tight to begin with and when the pain in my hand starts, I loosen up way too  much. Its also due to the fact that I have hooks everywhere: in the car, in my favorite chair, in the kitchen, in the mess drawer, in my purses. I talk myself into thinking that the hook that I have in the purse is the same one as the one I am working with and that all I need to take with me is the yarn. I am usually wrong. The hooks are different sizes.

At 30 something I have accepted who I am, freckles and all, short hair and all. After all, there is only one of me. When I was made, the mold was broken or the hook was changed. My thoughts are as unique as my spirit and I am thankful for this wonderfully and intelligently created design that is me. 

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it. Psalms 139:14 (NLT)



  1. Bonne idée! Great idea!
    My husband is fan of Ireland and his name is Patrick. For St Patty's day, i'll knit this for his key!
    Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto

  2. Love these shamrocks. Thanks for the pattern. Can I pin this on Pinterest?

  3. @ Caminar… glad you like them. I cannot take full credit for them since other sites do have the pattern as mentioned in the post, but feel free to pin it;)
    Happy St. Patricks Day!


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