Thursday, March 15, 2012

Please Stay Spring

Where we live, weather goes from this:

To this 
in a day. 
I will never forget the day we had a 45 degree change! 
Right now we are enjoying the 70's. The yard is under a massive cleanup. The beds are being revived and there is growth. The bulbs planted last fall are over 4inches tall and the hydrangeas and roses made it through our mild winter. 
We are used to below zero weather in the winter and I rarely needed to get out the boots and the big coat. This was quite a contrast to the blizzard we had the previous winter. But, I am not complaining. 
What I am curiously concerned about is the animal or animals that have taken shelter under our shed. I am sure its not a skunk and it may be too small for a raccoon; so I am thinking the baby bunny rabbit I saw last spring has definetly moved in and put on a few pounds. My irisis and lillies planted here have also taken a beating to the critter's chewing. 
I have no idea how to get rid of this it in the nicest way possible. 
Alas the little ones need spring hats and I must get to it. I must crochet and think, think, think about it. 
This hat made via an inspring pattern found at thedaintydaisyblog the flower was my own inspiration but I found an even better looking and organized one at crochetdreamz.

I do have to smile as I crochet and think, 
for this little critter survived, regardless of the mild winter, some wind, snow and rains and has chosen my garden to stay alive, to be fed, to call a home. 
It reassured me that if He watches the sparrows 
and gives life to this little critter 
during the long winter, 
then I am sure He watches me during those 
long winters in my life.

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