Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Message in a Napkin

My weekday mornings sound like a broken record:
"G, please sit properly so you won't spill".
"But mommy, I don't love it sitting that way".
"G, please sit properly for mommy and so you won't spill".
I leave the room momentarily knowing for certain what will happen next.
G will get up. He will go over to A and tickle her or incite her to chase him.
They both abandon their breakfast.
"You guys better be eating!" I'll yell from the bathroom.
"We are".
I'll hear a shuffles, giggles, and chairs scooting in at the table and a plate drop.
I'll come back down to find G's breakfast all over the place.
"I'm sorry mommy, A was bothering me".
"No, I wasn't".
"Yeah she was".
"Mommy, honestly I wasn't. He started to tickle me".
"I know, I know. I saw it from the top of the stairs. Now please finish what is left of your breakfast", I'll say as I grab a towel to pick up most of G's breakfast.

This happens on almost a daily basis.
I tire of this and have to remind myself often that:
1) I am privileged to witness their growth
2) children are true miracles of life
3) if you have children, you have gift that never stops giving
4) their laughter will not always be around
5) that one day they will have children of their own who will pay back every bit of hard work that they have given me;)

Today something reminded me of the above. With napkin in hand, I was ready in my sumo wrestler position to pick up G's breakfast (butt up and head down and a very unhealthy thing for your back), when I noticed something in the napkin. I thought it was perhaps a scrap of food. When I looked closer, I saw the heart (excuse the bad pic- man do I need a new camera!).
A heart… a tiny heart… right on the corner made me stop and slow down. It made me listen to their tiny voices and funny conversations that I miss as I hurry to clean up the morning mess and busy my mind with the never ending to do list. This tiny incidental heart made me realize how blessed I am.

It takes heart to do what mommy's do; 
To make sure they are well when you are ill,
   to listen intently when you have a thousand worries on your mind, 
         to make it all better when you feel like nothing is right, 
to smile and give a hug when you need someone to hold you instead, 
                                to patiently forgive their mistakes when time is not on your side,                  to stay up all night keeping monsters away when you have monsters of your own to fight in the a.m., 
…….and to forget all of the long hours of detailed hard work when you feel you no longer have physical strength.
                       It takes heart to do what mommy's do and no one can do it like mommy's do. 


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