Monday, February 20, 2012

Gray skies demand salvaged color

Dreaming of phlox and double tulips and lillies… under gray skies
So its been insane around here with the weather. No I am not complaining about the super mild winter we have been prevy to. But, like every good gardener, I worry about my tulips and daffodils freezing over after they have grown over an inch. Seriously, they were over an inch the first week in February! Insane! (I wish I had a good camera to take pics of this but I am still waiting for my Christmas camera gift that has been returned 3 times already! Arghh). I remember how it snowed on my first Momma's Day where we live.  The crab apple tree just didn't produce well after it had shown off in all its wonderful flowerly gloriousness. Now I am not one to pick a fight with God, so please Lord…keep it mild for the sake of the flowers… no last minute winter storms.
This row of green is what was left last year after the daffodils, tulips and lillies were done growing. I am currently awaiting for my new daffodils to come up and I pray that snow doesn't kill what has grown thus far cause momma needs some color around here already. 

Despite the mildness, we are under London skies- gray- gray - gray. We read, visit the library for more books, read more, cook n bake, gather with family and friends, read some more and go about our home like moles under the dark earth. We miss our evening walks, bike rides and just spending entire days outside. Now I have tried to go out and enjoy the mild weather, but really under the gray skies everything seems gloomy. Even the kids prefer to stay in despite me getting them out there to romp and play. Its 45 degrees, I say. Got out and play, I say. They peek from under the books and toys and ignore me. This weekend I am determined to get them out there and playing even if its in the mud. After all, this weather does not stop me from playing a bit with crochet;)

I have been enjoying wonderful crochet sites and some crochetting of my own. The best part is that this costs me absolutely nothing! I will elaborate on this in a bit.  This is a simple granny square that my momma taught me how to make. I keep it simple by turning after each round and don't have to deal with a non-square looking granny square. You know the kind. The ones that turn out to look like pinwheels. They are still pretty neat looking in my book, but I did want something square this time around. This one is for princess A's bed (as if she needed more color!).  Gabli keeps it simple n easy. Its three dc and chain one across and three dc and chain two at the corners. When I get to the starting point, I chain three and turn and then add two more dc into the chain one below. Simple and fast. A loves the color so far and so do I.  The best part is that I saved this yarn from the dumpster. It has a sad beginning but perhaps this yarn will make it.

A family on my block, that I did not get the chance to meet, lost thier home to foreclosure. From what I found out from neighbors, they were good, hard working folks. When they lost thier home, they packed only necessities and left everything behind to live a life of less is more. A giant dump truck was brought to the front of thier home and workers were tossing everything but the kitchen sink out. I came across them with a neighbor on our evening walk. We decided to be nosey and peak in. Wouldn't you know it! I found a box full of wonderful new yarn! Yes new! We were told that it was ok to take the box since the stuff was going to the dumpster. I rescued over 20 different yarns last year. The one above is from the dumpster. I decided immediatly that I liked the family living thier even if they were gone. After all, if there is a crocheter or crafter in the family, then they have to be good people. I pray that they have been able to restart thier lives wherever they are and that yarn has made its way back into thier lives.

Now I am a certifiable germ freak, so ofcourse I had to wash them. I have never washed yarn before, so like a good crafter, I didn't bother to look up any information on doing this or even ask…. this was an adventure. I put them in pillow cases and used some of my nylons for the smaller ones. The one I am using above faired rather well.  But, others…. well take a peak…
A and I sat watching TV and undoing this tangled mess for weeks while the husbter just looked at us in pity and confusion. A loved the challenge. We pulled, pushed through, cut, added and scratched our heads at this puzzle. The hubster was relieved that the machine didn't die from the tangled mess and confused at our persistance. After a week or two or even three, I finally got them tidied up. Ahh the things I do for the love of yarn.

From being on its way to a landfill to laying on a little girls bed…. what a journey for this yarn! I pride myself in using these rescued yarns and telling thier story. Whatever I make from them, I give as gifts (I cannot bring myself to selling anything made from these on Etsy) and I let the reciever know the story. I am surprised how easily people accept the gift even if it came from a dumpster.

Sort of reminds me of God's redeeming love. He takes our discarded and messy us a good washing. And in the washing it gets messy and tangled as we deal with things about ourselves we rather keep a secret or ignore.  He takes His sweet time with us, pulls and pulls, yanks and sometimes it hurts when he cuts out what is no good, but He keeps going and never gives up. Then he tidies us up and gets us ready to make something beautiful and useful.  Thank you God for your reedeming grace. 


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