Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter's Arrival

After a very mild start (50 degrees in December) winter has finally descended upon us. While we did enjoy the fact that we didn't have to deal with a slushy, slippery work commute, here at Casa de Gabli we were worried about our bulbs thinking it was spring. So welcome winter! Its nice to have you here. You make us cuddle closer, give us a reason to stay in, drink hot chocolate Abuelita, and blanket everything in a wonderful crisp and clean white (at-least until Monday when it becomes slushy gray). Most importantly you make us slow down and muse over what really matters right now.

He is all snuggly inside… he is a Christmas ornament but his color is great for Valentines Day

Last year, the neighbor's icicles reached the ground! As kids we used to tear these off and stick them in sugar and eat… I DO NOT recommend this! How crazy were we as kids?

These are my garden clogs, but they work well in snow too!

Making snow angels

Add some point before spring I must remove these lights

They were playing catch with snowballs! 

These hang in a corner of our 3 season room… memories of his first clogs and reminders that gardening season is not too far away
Play time outside for my first owl hat

Hot coco after a showers

The tablecloth is a gift from my dear mil. I don't like that plastic but with imaginative little ones, I have no choice. I hope to one day pass this on to my little A. 


The after-math

Getting cozy in a pair of mary janes I whipped up in December for A. Yarn stretches and I have tiny feet so I get to wear them too!

"It was You who set all the boundaries on the earth;
You made both summer and winter."
 Psalm 74:17

Welcome Winter… you have been missed.

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