Thursday, January 26, 2012

Owl in a Cage Paper Craft

I came across some darn cute bird cages here at The Bride's Cafe. They are absolutely adorable and the tutorial is fantastic.

I grew up in a lower middle class environment so being crafty meant using our imagination to get things done. Ignore the hot-glue mess you can see in the owls cage below.
Anyhoo, I wanted to see if I can make this. If I can make it, the little ones can too. Here it is:

I did my best to follow the pattern and details but I don't own a tiny hole puncher so I used a pen, am fresh out of double sided tape so I used a hot glue gun and instead of using my card stock I used kiddos craft paper. I also preferred to use an owl (I just drew and cut out) instead of the bird provided. The result was not as professional looking but darn toot'n cute. This was so easy that A made one too. This little something hangs in her room.

Secrets: 1) I used the lid from a coffee can and didn't rinse it. Why? A loves the smell of cafe con leche although she cannot have any just yet. 2) This little guy has two sides to him. One side is wide awake and the other is dozing off (just draw lashes on him or glue another color of flat triangles on the eyeballs to give him the look of dozing off). 

I have always chosen owls as one of my favorite birds. Lately they seem to be everywhere and this makes me happy. Reading up on these awesome birds I found out that the Barred Owl makes a wonderful hoot sounds that sounds like it is saying: "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?".

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I told G about this and now every time he wears his owl hat he hoots this non-stop. My answer to this is always "Daddy does honey". Which brings me to this :

Thank you God for one awesome husband. I don't have to tell him that the laundry needs sorting, he just does it. I don't have to tell him that we are fresh out of yogurt, he just keeps us stocked. I don't have to tell him that the movie is not kid friendly, he just knows to change the channel.  I don't have to tell him that trash needs to be taken out, he does it automatically. Thank you God for this angel you have sent my way.  He is a powerful provider, a man of faith, a fantastic father, a pillar of patience and the love of my life. Most importantly he knows that real men help out with the housework. Thank you God for a man that cooks!

Who are you thankful for today? Sometimes its hard to find the things in others that we are thankful for. But if we just stop for one second, we all have something to be thankful for. I dare you to NOT find at least one thing in one person you are thankful for. It's impossible. 

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