Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harder than it seems

My heating pad- he keeps me company, keeps me warm and helps ease the pain

I need to tip my hat to all of those hard working mommas out there that keep blogs to support their families. This is not easy and I just started! It gets even more difficult when you have a thousand excuses as to why not. Here are my top three:

  1. I use the excuse that this is fun and really I need to do more important pressing things with my time. 
  2. I use the excuse that my grammar is terrible.
  3. I use the excuse that I should save whatever strength I have in my hands at that moment for cleaning, scrubbing n' fluffing the nest. 
The truth:
  1. I need me time. As a professional in the mental health and social services field, a volunteer, a mama, a homeowner, a wife, a friend and a darn good listener, if I do not slow down I will burst. This is my time….atleast until gardening season comes around. 
  2. I also need to use spell check more often- I mean really its right up there in the tab!
  3. I will always find something to clean, organize or do. Although my home is a humble one, I keep it spotless. I simply cannot sit down and rest until things are in their homes, toys are somewhat organized and dinner is almost ready (although the hubster cooks way more than I do- I try to help out).  This type of work will never end. So I need to ignore the idea that the strength in my hands must go for something useful in the home. 
I am not giving up… pain or no pain
I do want to say thank you ladies for your inspiration, hard work, crafty ideas, etc. Let's hope I can do the same.

"Only those that dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." Robert F. Kennedy

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