Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dinosary Modern Art from Manila Folders

Our 3 year old has outgrown his cute safari nursery theme. Our bank account tells us that redecorating will not be possible for some time. Our 3 year old tells us he loves dinosaurs. Correction, he is obsessed with them. He will tell you the period they roamed, the name, if they were omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, if they were sauropods or not, etc. This concerns me a bit because he still does not have his LMNOP section of the ABC song down packed yet knows the Jurassic and Triassic Periods!. We are to blame for this and his aunties as well. We have more dinosaurs than dishes. Even at church in the goody box he gets dinos.

So the son needs a new theme and we have lots of stuff around the house. As any good mama will tell you, you don't need money you need an imagination! 
While getting organized for tax prep time, I came across some old manila folders in great blue and green colors. We try to reuse these as often as possible, but have a bit too many. Putting two and two together, I had an idea! Now let me tell you that I was in extreme pain on this day and my hands looked like they belonged on a larger body. The swelling was insane! But all things are possible through God who gives me great strength and I quickly went to work on this

I decided to use the manila folders to make dino shapes and frame them.  The frames were about to hit the garbage can at work and I asked for them.  I thought I would use them as dry erase boards for pictionary or whatever but they now hang in G's nursery, I mean big boy room. 

I got a bit of inspiration from some of the more simpler dinos G has. They tend to have the same easy shape.

 I drew them onto the envelope and made tons of mistakes (especially with the legs- try thinking elephant legs here). 

I cut them out, added some grass, tree and a precut foam star that glows in the dark - glue them onto the back of the white paper that comes with the frame

 Ignore the flash from my very broken down and old camera
If I were to do this again, I would add the details with a white marker (leg divisions, etc) to make it pop a bit. 
You can see a bit of the pencil here but not too much. 

Someone asked me if I bought these at Ikea…
now that is a compliment in my book

You can make these easily by blowing up some clip art, but I wanted it to be more personal than that. I admit that they look homemade, but that is what gives these things meaning. G loves them and that is all that matters.
 Right away he told me what they are: Mom's Favorites:  
  1. Brachiosaurus Long Neck: an omnivore and the largest of all dinos named Argentinosaurus
  2. Stegosaurus: scientists believe that the back plates lid up when excited- it was an omnivore, very tiny brained, but with one powerful tail

God help us to live simply
To move 
To look softly
To allow emptiness
To let the heart create for us.
Michael Leunig 
from When I Talk to You: A Cartoonist Talks to God  

 I pray you move slowly enough to catch those inspirational glimpses that make it all worth while,

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