Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crochet Heart Tutorial and Valentines Day Spruce Up

            I am sprucing up the nest for Valentines Day.

While yes, this is a mainly commercial holiday, it really does not have to be. We make our own Valentine Cards and keep it simple as you can see from the pic above. These are paper hearts mixed with orange peel hearts and hung to scent the door in the kitchen. I find that smaller handmade decorations and gifts hold more meaning to the giver and receiver than anything you can buy prepackaged.
God Bless you Heart as you Enter : Bought this in San Juan PR, painted by by a local artisan. The tile itself, from Mexico. I think that is very funny especially since that same month someone asked me where in Mexico was Puerto Rico! Hay Dios Mio!!!
Remember all of those little hearts I was making with the great different patterns online (you can find a list of fab sites with patterns under Transitions),
I made them into a mini-bunting and added a few I came up with. 
My sister made these little orange hearts out of orange peel during a family dinner. I was going to throw the peels in the compost and she came up with this instead. You can use them in tea too! I used needle and thread and made a mini-bunting with paper hearts in between. Smells great!

Above is the crochet heart bunting I have been working on in between resting my swollen and painful hands. They are really easy to make if I can make them. And, while I never ever believe that I am the sole creator of a pattern (I strongly believe that two people living miles away can have the same idea in mind at the same time), this one I made up. The first ones I made with a 4 cluster granny square scared me a bit. They looked like they had holes for eyes, nose, mouth and a beard. A thought they were excellent so, I hung the few I made up in her room.
Can you see the eyes, nose, and mouth holes? I am sure there is a nice way to hide or fill these in.
The yarn really makes this bunting look so cute. Below is a pattern for this. I hope it makes sense since it is…wait for it…wait for it… MY FIRST PATTERN that I write down that is. I always change things up in each item I make and am horrible about writing down what I did. Ok … just plain lazy! However, this allows me to rediscover crochet ideas every time (a nice way of saying that this only leads me to frustration since I forget everything and have to start fresh every time).

So without further ado, here is the pattern (in American terms):

1) Get yarn, crochet hook, a beverage, find a cozy spot and smile for you have some time to yourself
2) chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring
3) chain 2 (we will count this the first HDC)
4) 2 HDC in the ring (try and catch that tail from the beginning of your ch 4 since its easier to hide it now then to try and weave it later)
5) ch1, 3 DC in the ri
6) ch1, 3 DC in the ring
-- you should have 3 clusters by now--
7) slip stitch into the top of the first chain 2 that formed the first HDC
--now we need to make our way over to the last HDC, so lets slip stitch
8) slip stitch into the space between the third and second HDC in the row below
9) slip stitch into the space between the second and first HDC in the row below, stay there
10) 5 DC in the chain one space that follows
11) 1 DC in between the first and second DC of the row below
12) 1HDC in between the second and third DC of the row below
13) 3 DC, CH2, 3 DC in the ch1 space of the row below
14) 1 HDC in between the second and third DC of the row below
15) 1 DC in between the first and second DC of the row below
16)  5 DC in the chain one space that follows
17) slip stitch into the slip stitch of the row below (this is that last slip stitch found in step 9)
---you can finish it here, but lets make that top of the heart a bit more defined
18) SC into the middle HDC post in the first row (make it as tight you can when you pull up a loop to define the heart a bit more)
19) keep a longer loop on the hook to hang or add another color around your heart with SC
20) cut and weave ends…
---crochet a chain to your liking and add your hearts with slip stitch or sc...hang and smile. This idea from  Polly at  is adorable!

You may find that I am missing a step, your heart looks like a circle, your heart looks broken, or I am just not making sense with this pattern. Just send me a comment and I will try to help. I also am promising myself to take pics of the step and post them here before V-Day is here.

Valentines Day:
-- a day to stuff yourself with chocolates and feel ok about doing so
-- a time to slow down and tell someone you love that they are the leche to your cafe


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