Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessd By Dollar Store Craft

After seeing this on pinterest and following the bellisimo tutorial by A Content Housewife, I decided to give the message board a try.  The frame I am using came from the dollar store and everything else I already had. I simply printed "Blessed by" using different fonts on a regular sheet of boring paper and added a small biblical verse at the bottom.

I decided that instead of rosettes I would hot glue buttons… man did these bring back memories of watching my Mami (a professional seamstress) design and sew her heart out. 

I tried with beigy and white, new and vintage buttons

I tried with large black buttons but had a hard time figuring out how to arrange them. They would either look like mouse ears or bear paws…..

I tried with different colored buttons and I did like this sunflower brass one

Finally I decided to keep it simple

This sits on my grandmothers little table…what once was a bright yellow table where I had my first cup of Joe at the age of 7. The hubby and I took off several layers of paint and went with off white antique finish and sanded it off here and there. I heart this table.  

Yet another try with the black buttons

The verse at the bottom reads:
Whatever you do, work it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" Colossians 3:23
If this is the attitude I adopt everyday, I find that when things go wrong, I do not take them too personally. Since I am not trying to please myself or those around me, I simply keep going even when the road is a rough one. And, since I am not sweating the small stuff and not trying to please everyone around me, I end up finding many blessings sprinkled throughout my day (be it a big blessing or a small blessing, a song, a hug, a smile, good news, great food, kindness of strangers, a coupon, a memory, time with a special person, a coworkers gift of a tiny owl like the one I received today, lasagna, a great biblical verse, an old pic, you get the picture).  I strongly believe that a gratitude attitude does wonders to your mental health and there is some research out there that indicates that folks with gratitude attitudes tend to have better mental health and cope better in crisis.  

Today I was blessed by buttons. I usually keep them hidden away in my grandmothers sewing box. Bringing them out brought back wonderful memories of a small girl and her mother surrounded by fabrics in all sorts of colors . 
How have you been blessed today?  

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